Because you save for a sunny day, not a rainy one.


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Charlie Munger and The Psychology of Human Misjudgment- patterns of irrationality

A Brief History on the “War on Drugs” with a Touch of Sarcasm

Obviously, considering that drugs are cheaper and more widely used today than when the DEA began, this was once again money well spent by the American government, and a shining example of why I support higher taxes, and giving the government more money to spend. 

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Richard Birecki

Richard Birecki

Recharge Freedom

You save for a sunny day, not a rainy one. Why? To be able to have the freedom to enjoy that day. To be able to step out of the office. I went from broke like most people after college, to having the freedom to travel most anytime I want. Whatever that freedom might be for you, I'm showing you the strategies I and other financially successful people use, with doses of inspiration for sweetness.

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Because You Save for a Sunny Day, not a rainy one. 

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