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Because even if I’ve been wrong, I still recognize I had my part in whatever took place, even if it’s not true, it gives me the choice to change, the option to learn, and makes me more likely to take positive action to dig myself out of this hole.

Video: Victimhood a CHOICE?? Eat the Poisoned Apple or Let Your LIGHT SHINE? Victim Mentality State of Mind

In this hyperpolarized day and age, it seems like the status of victim has gone up substantially in value. You even have groups competing to see who can be the most oppressed. If I can make a claim, Jewish.

There’s comfort in being a victim because it explains away our lack of happiness, our lack of achievement, our continued immobility towards whatever self proclaimed goal we might have. 

Why would anyone take action if you are convinced that the playing field is an uphill climb, while the media and politicians will tell you it’s a downhill jog for every single other person you don’t know.

Why even bother? Why not just sit there and whine that the game is unfair. 

Worse yet is that victimhood is rewarded. That’s why you see the Jussie Smololyay’s of the world, the trans activist in Michigan who burned down their own house, with her or his pets inside, to bring awareness to how badly the trans community suffers, but somehow instead confirming that the at least some in the community are suffering from mental disease. There’s the former NFL player, Edawn Coughman that staged a fake hate crime his own restaraunt in Georgia, the list goes on. 

But the question is, why would people go out of their way to turn themselves into victims? The answer, because victimhood has currency. When you are perceived as marginalized, you get attention, sympathy, notoriety.

You even get money. With all the go fund me campaign’s abounding, you can turn victimhood into actual currency. You can prey on the goodwill of others who to try to help out those in need, and turn it into a racket.

And when others see people successful in any respect, it’s very easy to follow suit. Thus we are becoming more and more a nation of victims. Hardly a look that a century from now we will look back on with pride, assuming we are still surviving as a nation, as a world. Nevertheless that is the current cultural zeitgeist. 

So let’s say that something happens, maybe someone truly does victimize us in someway, what are we going to do? Are we going to lay down on the proverbial ground and yell, “help, I’m a victim, and I can’t get up.”

And maybe we stay there long enough, and yell loudly enough that eventually someone comes over with a helping hand, and a pat on the head, and a $100 bill, and our brain releases a hit of dopamine, making us more likely to revert to the same behavior again.

We can be victims of just about anything beyond our control if we choose to. 

We are unable to control the weather, but we can decide where we live. 

We cannot control if somebody insults us in public, we can decide to walk away and avoid violence. 

We cannot control others attempting to manipulate us, we can control whether we listen and buy into it.

The common thread here is that the one thing within our purview, the one thing that we have agency over, is our reaction, or focus, or decision.

So if someone knocks you over, rather than stay down on the ground, get up. And continue walking to your Destination.

Every single goal that we set for ourselves will be impeded with obstacles, we must go around them, and continue our path forward, despite the fact that it will rarely if ever be a straight line. 

The truth is, most people care about you at best superficially, and in passing. How many times have we heard about a tragedy that happened to someone, and barely batted an eyelash, or felt sorry for them for a few seconds before concentrating back on our own lives. The psychic energy for victims never lasts, always making them to find new ways to play the victim and regain this attention.

That is not what we were put on this earth to pursue. We were put here to be a beacon of hope and right action. To raise up others and help them achieve their potential.

When we succeed, people are often met with resistance from those too scared of the brightness that glows within them. Too many times we are taught to hold in our potential, for fear of making someone else feel less than or fear of failure. When I was in Denmark, this was described to me by a school teacher there who told me the smart kids would pretend to be dumb for fear of fearing out of place and ridicule.

But when we let our light shine brightly, when we go out there and choose to succeed, or to die trying, eventually, other people recognize that potential within themselves. Eventually in allowing our passions, our love, our light to shine brightly, we give other people the unconscious permission to do the same. 

Which is why the culture of victimhood is so toxic. It teaches people not to take action, not to believe in themselves, to think that the world is unjust and unfair, and the only reason that someone who succeed has done so is because they were given unfair privileges.

The sad truth is that the people that instill the victimhood mindset in others are the ones who are purveying poison for the human soul. 

And yes, hefty and continual doses of light, have the ability to eventually wash that away, but not before our country has been burdened with inactivity, and a sad and dark mindset.

You as the individual have the choice to accept victimhood, but even if you truly are, I advise that believing such does not help you, it does not help your life, it does not help those around you who love you.

Because even if I’ve been wrong, I still recognize I had my part in whatever took place, even if it’s not true, it gives me the choice to change, the option to learn, and makes me more likely to take positive action to dig myself out of this hole.

So internalize, rather than externalize. Know that through daily concerted action, of goodness, of rightness, it compounds on itself, and leads us towards the life and experiences that benefit not only ourselves but those around us. 

It’s simply doesn’t serve you to accept the idea that you’re a victim, so make the choice, and perceive each experience that we have as one from which we can learn. And no matter what happens to you, no matter how many times we get knocked proverbial way to the ground, pick yourself up dust yourself up, take the learnings from the experiences and go ahead, and take positive action. You’re only a victim if you choose to be one. 


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