“Racist, Nazi, Bigot” : Words Lose all Meaning; the Inflation of Language + Money

by | October 28, 2020

The more that we overuse words meant to have impact, like bigot, racist, Nazi, Hitler, the less value they actually have until they become absolutely meaningless

video: “Racist, Nazi, Bigot” : Words Lose all Meaning; the Inflation of Language + Money

When you print too much money it loses all value. The same is true of overusing words.

Inflation- fall in the purchasing value of money.

It happens when you print money and just give it away, when it doesn’t represent any good or service given in its exchange.

So, let’s stay in your wildest nightmares, you wake up with AOC as president, and then her infinite economic wisdom, she deposits $5 million in every American bank account.

You’re rich, right? Time to go out, buy yourself a Tesla, a mansion, and a few boats and guess what you have playing money left over.

Well, except for the fact that you’re trying to compete pricewise with everyone else with an equal amount of money, so prices naturally get bid into the stratosphere.

As $15 an hour is zero when you have 5 million banked, no one will will work for their old wages, thus the price of labor increases dramatically, compounding the rise in the price of goods as they go stratospheric, and all semblance of faith in the economic order is lost, and everybody who dutifully forsake spending and put their money into the bank over years rather than spend nilly-willy has had the purchasing value of their savings literally stripped away overnight.

This is what happened in Venezuela, and Zimbabwe, in Weimar Germany, where central banks kept printing money to get out of the messes that their spending practices put them in.

It’s the same thing that would happen in the United States with the stimulus packages except for the fact that the US has the luxury of being the worlds reserve currency, thus the cost of printing money is distributed all over the world.

Now, the same inflationary practices can also make words meaningless.

When used sparingly, words like racist, Nazi, Hitlerian, have actual meaning.

But as the printing presses start up, and anyone who dares disagree with the left is a “Nazi” and a racist, people stop being affected by the words. These words are spread out throughout society, and start to lose their effect, their purchasing power.

I’ve been called a racist for stating that two parent family yield significantly better results than single parent families, a white nationalist for citing FBI crime statistics, and I have no idea how many times I’ve been referred to such online for the video content that I produce, it ceases to bother me. When I hear all those accused of it, I take it with a grain of salt.

For example, if someone were to point out a man in the crowd, and say he’s a racist, I would just roll my eyes and say, “yeah, like everyone today, including me yaddah yaddah yaddah.”

He might actually be a Grand Dragon in the KKK, which would’ve been my assumption 20 years ago when the word was used more sparingly.

The point is, if everyone is a racist, if everybody is a Nazi, then why would anyone try to differentiate between me, you who in today’s day and age has likely been referred to as such, and an actual leader of the KKK.

It’s word inflation and their accompanying loss of value. Since everyone’s a racist, no one is. In the same way if all of us have $5 million in the bank, none of us are rich.

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