Google Declares itself Evil as YouTube SABOTAGES Competition

by | December 14, 2020

Google is no longer do no evil company but one that is actively installing an Orwellian nightmare dystopia upon our society and the world.

video: Google Declares itself Evil as YouTube SABOTAGES Competition

Imagine there’s a long bridge over a deep chasm. First to the other side wins the world’s diamonds and gold.

You, you’re incredibly successful, smart, and fortunate and you’re the first to successfully cross, leaving the competition in the dust.

But you’re not only competitive, but utterly ruthless, so you goad the Gods into blowing up the bridge behind you, sending all you competitors, who had been gaining ground on you recently, plunging down into the canyon to a fiery death as you look on with glee … King for all eternity.

This is YouTube’s strategy, and I will be explaining.
What if someone were to try to take away from you what you value most in the world?
Take away your family, one member at a time? Chip away at your wealth day by day? Or deprive you of the freedoms unearthed by our founders and for which previous generations sacrificed their lives to protect?

Because the last item is exactly what big tech is doing today, specifically I target YouTube and Google whose old ethos was “do no evil.”

That was never high on Facebook and Twitter’s agenda, so I’m less apt to call them hypocrites.

So what exactly are they doing? Absolutely suppressing free speech and ideas.
They are curtailing any further discussion of whether or not the 2020 elections were corrupt or fraudulent. You are no longer able to postulate a hypothesis as to what took place in Georgia, question irregularities, or even Matt Brainard’s work that demonstrates many people unknowingly cast ballots.

Dare theorize, or discuss it on YouTube, and your video will be deleted, and soon enough, your channel as well.

That means that any hardcore MSNBC style support for trump channels are going to be gone. Newsmax bye bye. Deplatformed. My channel, likely cause I have a hard time shutting up when someone threatens our freedoms.

hence my channel name Recharge Freedom. Please find me on bitchute RechargeFreedom link

But some of you are saying, what is wrong with this? They are a private corporation. They should host whoever they want.

First of all, many businesses build themselves up on YouTube, and are subject to the whims of the tyrants, with ever shifting and vague guidelines, that are able to delete years and years of content creation and subscriber bases for whatever reason they desire, like they did with Stephen Molyneux a that had over a million subscribers, and many other channels, often giving no justification, channels that had no prior strikes.
Second of all, the bridge that I spoke of, that allowed YouTube to achieve its current dominance over user generated video distribution, was called Bridge 230.
What 230 protections did was protect platforms from being sued over user generated content. So if somebody uploaded something that was copyrighted, or state something slanderous, YouTube could not be held liable, as they were deemed neutral platforms, they were granted protections from what would be business ending lawsuits, preventing from what is today a marvelous technological platform from ever forming and robbing the US of internet dominance. It was very intelligent and forward thinking legislation. How about that, the Feds got something right.

But the platforms were supposed to be neutral, and could not editorialize anything that was not in violation of US law, such as incitement to violence or copyrighted information as previously mentioned.

Now with the 2020 election, Youtube has issued hard editorial guidelines that befit their political ideology and orientation. It’s the same reason why parent company Google suppressed conservative content on its search engine, and raise the rankings of leftist sources to the top of their search engine, a silent way of infiltrating the minds of the unsuspecting public with their preferred narrative.

According to YouTube the election is settled, which is absolutely false considering that there is outstanding litigation that is heading to the Supreme Court, and has the possibility of being heard, and keeping Donald Trump in office for the next four years.

I am deeply troubled that YouTube is asserting itself into position of Big Brother, and telling us what we must believe and what we can express on what is supposed to be a neutral and un-editorialized platform regarding the election.

Important side-note, I am a Google shareholder, with a substantial amount of my net worth in Google stock from having it rise dramatically over the last eleven years since I first invested.
Google is directly violating its famous axiom “do no evil.” Google is no longer a free speech platform. We must have the same opinions that the elitist leftists at the helm of the company do, not only regarding elections, but Covid too.
I’m speaking out because freedom and free-speech are far more important than the the diamonds and gold in our bank vaults. Far more greatly do I value the future generations of human beings who I don’t wish to live under totalitarian rule, as well as my own ability to express myself freely today, than an added dollar.

We must stand up against Google introducing the world to this Orwellian nightmare which they are doing slowly, bit by bit, suppressing information, suppressing dialogue,

Just to demonstrate the double standard involved here, for years the main stream media and left-leaning Youtubers have done nothing but drone on about Russian interference in our 2016 election and that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president. Has this information ever been suppressed, has there ever been a fact check on it even though the Steele Dossier and the whole narrative has been disproven?
Could it be because it matches their political ideology?

here’s a photo of the woman. recognize her? I’m unable to. Is it Naomi Campbell? Tyra Banks? Oh wait, it’s Stacy Abrams, whom the Washington post when a fluff piece on, stating that this empirically ugly woman “poses like a supermodel.”
I bring this up not to be mean, but to show you the framing and the lies from the left. The double standard existing that you can find so easily They do so with such brazen impunity.
Stacy Abrams and her media sycophants have for the last two years publicly claimed that she is Governor of Georgia and the election was fraudulent. yet has Facebook, twitter, or YouTube ever applied a warning label to this obviously false information?

Not one bit, but with the election still not settled, and in front of the supreme court potentially, YouTube is immediately starting to suppress anything the counters in unfinished narrative that they want to propagate.

Anything that runs contrary to what they desire will be trashed in the memory hole, which in 1984 was utilized to remove all evidence of the past, and anything that ran contrary to the party line and paradigm that was constantly shifting, was thrown into the memory hole where it would disappear forever.

Google is no longer do no evil company but one that is actively installing an Orwellian nightmare dystopia upon our society and the world.

So, I told you at the very beginning that they were doing this intentionally. Couldn’t these actions trigger Congress to revoke section 230 as Donald Trump has demanded? It seems as though they are not only thumbing their nose at Congress, but intentionally trying to trigger them and move them to action to “punish” them.

But why would they? 230 protects them from lawsuits. Why would they seemingly inflict this harm on their company? I thought Googlers were supposed to be the smartest people on earth.
Ah. and here is the crux and what moist people are not aware of, and hopefully why you’ve

they have already crossed the bridge, they have safely made it to the other side where the artificial intelligence is able to spot anything that they consider to be hate speech, copyright infringement, slander, or potentially incitement to violence, can be monitored almost exclusively with artificial intelligence. Their robotic technology is so good that all uploaded content, ours and ours an hours every second, can be looked over instantly by AI.
And I know from personal experience how incredibly good it is right now. I upload something critiquing a NBC segment with it embedded in my video, and before I even publish it I am flagged with a copyright violation.

Another video was flagged for hate speech immediately. No human that saw the video, it was a I deemed it to be such by the AI Google has developed.
So, if Congress at behest of President Trump were to destroy 230 protections, YouTube could safely take care of itself and limit most litigation to negligible amount, and would certainly profit from the elimination of its competitors like bitchute, Brighteon, rumble, daily motion, which absolutely are not as technically capable and nowhere close to catching up to Google.

So that’s what I mean when I say that YouTube is intentionally asking Jesus, the federal government, to strike down Bridge 230, so that all their competitors fall into the fiery abyss, and Google shareholders, including myself, share the diamonds and gold mined by the monopoly for years to come.

Those are riches I personally, choose to exchange for the freedom not only of myself, but everyone out there watching with an opinion of their own that they desire to share at some point. Stand up to Google, and they’re Orwellian dystopia that they are releasing onto the world However slowly it appears to be spreading, once it is here, our liberties are gone.
Down the memory hole and into the fire, with the bodies of Google’s deceased competitors along with them.


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