Clean my Dirty Room or Demand you call it Sparkling?

by | December 29, 2020

Seeking purification for another, while you’re psychologically rotting, will lead merely to an external replication of your internal mess.

video: Clean my Room? No, I’ll Force you (Easier) to Call it “Clean”

Jordan Peterson’s suggests one clean their room.
It’s something within your direct control where you can effect change to your heart’s delight.
You clean up your life before you go out and attempt to change systems far more complicated than the piles of ketchup-stained clothes and empty yogurt containers lying about your floor.
Seeking purification for another, while you’re psychologically rotting, will lead merely to an external replication of your internal mess.

Sadly, today’s increasingly rare voices of personal responsibility, are drowned out by the cacophony of outrage, and the shrieks of victimhood, amplified by social and mainstream media.
Besides, who are you to judge the cleanliness of my room? Who says your paradigm is the only way or even right?! Just because your strategies might have, in your mind, worked for eons doesn’t mean I can’t reinvent the wheels directing the chariot of civilization. 

Step one is to give my reality of the world gravitational mass by aligning with like minded people who agree that laws of physics can be upended …
Imagine a bunch of slobs holding a seance, clasping hands together, chanting, conjuring a Politically Correct spirit, proclaiming your room righteously clean, and that it’s okay to love it exactly the way it is, absolving you of all responsibility.
Yes sweet PC spirit! YES.
Better, there are no dissenting voices within your echo chamber to scramble the woke spell cast over the dying embers of your rational consciousness.
It’s why the morbidly obese seek each other’s company to celebrate their ever growing brave expressions of individuality.

The challenge is, until we become fully immersed into the Matrix, contradictory voices will still occasionally assault your well being.
I speak of those lurid souls who will come into your physical or psychological residence and diagnose your hoarder reality as unhealthy, for your well being or anyone around you.
And then you’ll feel the worst emotion of all, not sadness, not anger, not grief … but shame.

What right do they have to make you feel SHAME?! They’ll even have the audacity to point out that some might use the reality check as motivation to change course, and that it is in fact a choice how one reacts.
That’s because they are right wing, uncaring, hate-filled Nazis, like Jordan Peterson or Ben Shapiro; so what if he wears a yamaka, we all know what he really is.

They champion free speech, but let’s say someone points out that it’s a tragedy that black children are being raised by single parents and theorizes it might raise levels of crime. They have ZERO RIGHT to call that out. After all, speech which shames is hateful, and hate speech is not free speech.

Silence the dissenting voices; we have work to do.

Start recruiting allies, with the goal of becoming a gravitational mass so large, that like a black hole, you bend light and eviscerate the enjoyment of living, not unlike ISIS … side bet, what percentage of woke people would identify Israel as an entity of greater evil than ISIS, and would that number increase if you got them all in a room and they’d have to condemn something Islamic in front of each other?
Back to our regularly scheduled program of cleaning up the world to our standards.

The good news is that people can get used to anything. Whether that’s a slovenly bedroom, or living under threat of dire consequences for expressing a thought that crosses the ever advancing line of puritanical woke orthodoxy.
You don’t have the same power as ISIS had when they ran Mosul, not yet at least, and we’d do well to learn that in their zealotry they turned up the heat too quickly and the frogs became uncomfortable and tried to escape.
Still, one has to admire their zealotry.

Let’s strategize. The good news is that big social media companies are entirely in your corner, especially Twitter. Facebook does a good job shadow banning any alternative thought, but unfortunately are not outright banning it.
It really helps in the silencing of contrarian voices warning that the water grows warmer daily.

It also allows for easier flexing of your muscle of cancellation, where you can hammer someone with the loss of friends, jobs, income, and attack them verbally, when you can go complain to the sympathetic heads of these companies and they’ll continually take your side.
And if cancellation doesn’t work, only then do you deploy physical violence.

It also helps to have people in positions of power who overtly side with you, like all the DA’s in Portland, Seattle, + LA, as well as the mayors of those cities, who will not prosecute you when your actions technically cross the legal line we are feverishly working to push back. Like the shoplifting laws which where anything stolen under $900 will not be prosecuted, decimating all the retail businesses in the jurisdictions.
Better yet, is someone like Kim Gardener in St Louis who will prosecute citizens who stand up for themselves (the McKloskey’s) as a warning to others who get smart ideas of defying you.

And you do this slowly and gradually. With the help of the DA’s, the mayors, the social media giants, the censorship of contrary thought, shutting down all businesses forever, getting people used to being reliant on the government dole. The goal is to bring society to a slow boil, remember.

And in the meantime, you want to change the language, like Big Brother’s party did so successfully in 1984, so that what might be consider today to be a dirty room by the unenlightened, can be reclassified as clean.
And then, when the public is ready, you can insist that dirty is clean, that War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength, and slowly they’ll believe you, and you’ll compel the populace to comply with your other edicts as well.

Or maybe, just maybe, you can try cleaning your room, gain some momentum, and see what other positive steps you can take for yourselves and others. Seems like a lot less work, and likely, better for the world.
We’re at an inflection point.
I have no spooky seance to offer you, only common sense and logic. Please consciously choose your side.


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