Why People Would Give Their LIVES for Donald Trump (Pay Attention Sam Harris)

by | March 10, 2021

Sam Harris calls Donald Trump a contemptible conman, a deranged paragon of greed and narcissism, someone he has less respect for than Osama Bin Laden, and that’s him being nice.

video: Why People Would Give Their LIVES for Donald Trump (Pay Attention Sam Harris)

Sam Harris calls Donald Trump a contemptible conman, a deranged paragon of greed and narcissism, someone he has less respect for than Osama Bin Laden, and that’s him being nice. He is unable to comprehend how Trump could hold an ounce of appeal to a single person on our planet.
Not only will I explain  why many Americans love the man, but also why many state, “I would will lay down my life for Donald Trump,” which, should the logic overcome his TDS, might trigger Sam’s brain to have a nuclear meltdown.

All those “deplorables” are so idiotic, so stupid, so lacking brains, so lacking in intelligence, I wonder if half of them can even read. This is the conception of Sam Harris and millions on the left that could possible explain the devotion to such an odious man.
Allow me to explain. And as I do, I beseech you to thumb up this video. Turn that like button bluey, and share the video, especially with those for whom these ideas are foreign. They might reject what I’m about to say, but at least they’ll be exposed. So SHARE the video and thumb it up.

For many in Trumpistan, Sam’s derisive name for the nation of Trump loyalists, they believe, that, not only are they personally, but their families, as well their communities, are under attack from the radical left.
And for good reason.
If you’ve been paying any attention you have seen not only disparagement, but also physical attacks on religion, belittling of their beliefs, undermining freedoms and the attempt to pry guns and the and ability to protect ones family from intruders away, all the meanwhile encouraging violent riots, then funding their bail once the police arrest them so they can do more harm, which Kamala Harris amongst numerous others literally did, not prosecuting felons and letting them back out onto the street for them to commit more crimes.
They’ve literally been called a “basket of Deplorables,” ignorant, stupid, unimportant, yahoos, bigots, and racists.
The left wants all white people to apologize for sins they had nothing to do with, then reach into their pockets and redistribute whatever they can pry away, based on color of skin. 

You want to promote that being born white is to be born of original sin, and restart actual systemic racism by admitting under-qualified children into prestigious universities based on skin color, and then enact similar racial quotas via preferential hiring for the sake of “equity.”
If you want to force people into a room and listen to a bunch of critical race theorists demand you admit to the presupposed bigotry you are guilty of, and grovel on account of the color of your skin in a maoist struggle session, do you really blame people for feeling agitated.
You want to eliminate Dr Suess and take offense to all jokes that don’t conform to your radical religious orthodoxy … you do all this, and you will create a powerful force to fight you.
And the avatar for that force is named Donald Trump. 

He is the bulwark against this ever rapidly expanding bigotry against their beliefs, their ability to make ends meet. He is what stands between them and the demonization of not only themselves, but their communities and their families. 

He is the dam that absorbs the hatred and subverts their attempts to get hateful rhetoric like the 1619 Project taught to their children, the Boulder impeding the growing irrational hatred towards the country they love.
They feel unfairly treated, but Trump absorbs and blocks some of the vitriol that would be directed at them.

To get to my family, you have to go through The Donald first. Damn right they will show some loyalty to the man. In fact, how could they not?

Then they see the media demonize and lie about Trump at every opportunity. The fine people hoax, drinking bleach hoax, calling him evil as he tries to keep illegal immigrants from streaming across our border, showing photos of kids in cages taken during the Obama administration and blaming Trump for it.
They see him standing up for them, being smeared with brazen lies from the mainstream media, which made money hand over fist for the last four years finding new ways to call him evil.
Do you not think they will go out support the man? That in an opaque election where a man with dementia who couldn’t attract 100 people to a rally and put a lid on his campaign day after day, was running against their savior, who could attract crowds of thousands of loyal enthusiasts at a moments notice, that they wouldn’t be suspicious of the result we have today?

What many respond most strongly to, is injustice. They have felt it personally, they have been demonized for reasons described, and the media does all it can to destroy the dam protecting them from the rising river of wokeness that literally describes them as “deplorables” and “evil,” based solely on their color of skin.
Do you not think they will stand by their man? Would you, incessantly attacked and demeaned not show loyalty and devotion towards a man you see as the last line of defense between you and annihilation? 

Darn right you would. 


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