Hunter Biden Admits Laptop WAS HIS

by | April 7, 2021

Twitter and Facebook refused dissemination of the story. Twitter claimed it was a “hacked” while continuing to allow the Trump’s tax return article by the NY Times to continue to trend,

Video: Hunter Biden Admits Laptop WAS HIS

Remember when the Hunter Biden laptop story emerged right before the election, and the mainstream media colluded with the Democrats and the social media companies to keep the story at bay. 

It’s a fake story, declared NPR and CNN. No meat on this Russian plastic manufactured bone they are throwing us. 

Twitter and Facebook refused dissemination of the story. Twitter claimed it was a “hacked” while continuing to allow the Trump’s tax return article by the NY Times to continue to trend, which of course, Donald personally handed over to them. This being YouTube, I would never claim that it was procured in an ill-gotten manner. 

Of course, Twitter has since admitted they were wrong in doing so. You notice they never admit they are wrong when censoring the left hand side of the aisle. of making such a huge mistake. 

And they shouldn’t apologize for such things, … because there is nothing to apologize for. 

Not once have they made a mistake in such a way. You notice how all the mistakes pile up on one side? It’s TOTALLY RANDOM. 1000 straight flips of the coin all landed on the left side. Totally random. 

Now, watch as Hunter Biden undermines any credibility to denials of the original story. Not that the left wing cares. They just want to redirect your focus to the next example of white supremacy, like they did when they thought a white man shot up the grocery store in Boulder Colorado. It turns out it was a Syrian Muslim with ISIS sympathies so they switched the narrative to gun control. 

But watch Hunter here essentially admit it was his laptop. 

Okay, what a duplicitous little boy he is. 

“For real I don’t know.” 

He agreed to this interview, for what reason I have no idea, knowing this question might be asked, and that’s the answer out of the gate? “For real” 

Were those not pictures of you? How did they come across those photos of you having sex and smoking crack? Could it be because you stopped them on the hard drive of your laptop? 

Of course it could be mine. So, you’re admitting those photos are real, you’re not denying that. 

Now, is he being glib and sarcastic in providing these possibilities. If so, it’s a bad space to do it. 

But again, at NO POINT does he refute the fact that the laptop is his. That the evidence of it was real. Just invokes the victimhood protection program by casting doubt as to how it was attained. 

You don’t have to be human lie detector to tell what a duplicitous man Hunter is being here, and the total lack of judgement it took to allow himself to be asked these questions.
And if there is a method to what appears to be pure madness of allowing him to answer such question on National TV, I’m unaware of it. The common theme is distracting from something else. But distracting to focus in on how the democrats and social media gaslit the public during the elections? 

It doesn’t add up to this analyst. To me it’s a crackhead, who frankly looks like one, being selfish and pushing his interests first. 

Tell me if you think Hunter is not essentially admitting that the laptop was his. What do you guys see here. And please share this video so that i can get the opinion of more people. What is it I am missing, or is this the case of a totally selfish narcissist thinking he is far more clever than he is, attempting to pull the wool over our eyes by essentially convicting himself, the Democrats, and his father in the eyes of the nation and the entire world. 

The sins of a father should not be visited on the son. I’m down with that. We are not responsible for what our parents have done. 

However, I believe that parents bear some culpability for how they raise their children and that the way they behave in the world at times offers us a clue to the character of the parent.



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