You DARE Judge Her Appearance?! — You Bet I Will

by | June 17, 2021

Or this guy. He has a tattoo over the carotid artery in his neck. That’s the real deal. That guy doesn’t give a F whether he lives or dies. One slip of the tattoo gun, and he’s a dead man. T

video: You DARE Judge Her Appearance?! — You Bet I Will

The woke seem be engaged in a systemic denial of reality as it exists.

Like the fallacious argument that 2+2=5 … where if this was true 1% of the time, none of our high technology would work, and airplanes would crash minutes into flight. Well, that’s not true, they wouldn’t even leave the ground to begin with.

Like the Biden Administration pandering using the phrase “birthing people” instead of mothers, as if a biological man has ever given birth. (Junior was a MOVIE Arnold accent)

You are unable to state what is patently obvious, like Black Lives matter “protests” left a lot of despair and destruction in their wake.

It obscures reality so that a few, mentally unwell people, won’t have their hairpin trigger feelings hurt. “Feelings don’t care about your facts,” is the motto of the wokerati.

In that vein, We are told that we shouldn’t pay attention to how someone looks. That it is completely irrelevant and we dare not judge them on their appearance.

I’m going to declare such statements not only stupid, but antithetical to our survival.

Let start off lightly, but with a challenge; the following image was promoted on National Geographic Twitter thread and I’ll describe the quote attributed to the person momentarily. But for one million dollars, just look at this person, and make an educated guess where she might lie on the political spectrum. Conservative, moderate or far left.

Leave your reasoning in the comment section, along with your first guess and why, and if you are right, I’ll send you a 1 million dollar check, no joke (post dated for the January 1st, 2323, a time when, I plan to dead)

Go ahead, make your guess.

Okay, this is me analyzing the data in front of me. She looks miserable. the look on her face. She’s also appears to straddle the border of morbidly obese. Maybe there is such a thing as a jolly fat man, but the same rarely applies to women. She’s not biologically appealing to a successful man, so odds are she’s finding her self worth elsewhere, maybe from a group of fellow SJW harpies bemoaning their unfair, collective fates.

There’s also the stern look, the hand in the pocket, then there is haircut, some weird female comb over.

I’m only analyzing because, remember, there is a million dollars at stake.
So, if I had to guess for the millionaire check *postdated*, I’ll put my chips down on “insane leftist.”

Do you really think that the left, who find fault with everything, who rail on and on about how unfair life is, about our system, that go on and on about injustice, do you think they’re happy people?? Studies show leftists have far more mental problems and are unhappier than conservatives.

And the quote attributed to her, “I’m ashamed for my ancestor’s race.”

if you want more evidence, just look at the mugshots of Antifa members arrested by the Portland catch and release program, where the police bring them in for a photo opportunity and then the woke DA teaches them there are no negative repercussions for their nefarious activities, and drops all charges, and puts them back on the street to be brought back, until maybe they become such criminal fish and perform an act so evil, they keep them overnight.
On average, are these people exemplars of health and vitality?
Do they look like the type of person you’re praying your daughter brings home?
Do they look happy, or miserable?
Mindset leaves physical clues.

And for the virtuous SJW’s continually demanding equity, demanding that we must be, ”good and kindly” and decent people and ignore the physical residue and clues left by the thoughts circulating through ones mind, is the height of self-defeating stupidity.

Are you more likely to buy a house where you see your neighbors with MS-13 gang tattoos all over them, or should you ignore them and believe he’s just as likely to be a good neighbor as anyone else.

Would you rather your daughter’s friends to look like this, or rather like this (church kids)

Or this guy. He has a tattoo over the carotid artery in his neck. That’s the real deal. That guy doesn’t give a F whether he lives or dies. One slip of the tattoo gun, and he’s a dead man. This is no pretend gangster, with tattoos that only approach the artery, and you’d best not ignore these types of tell tale warning signs if you want to remain in the gene pool.

To deny that one’s physical appearance doesn’t leave clues as to who that person is, whether that be hard working and supremely motivated (Goggins,) to lazy and lacking willpower, to drug addled.

Hey kind virtue signaling leftist, you see that hooded snake over there, don’t judge it, I’m sure it’s perfectly friendly. I tell you what, you go pet it, see if reality conforms with your lack of judgment.

I myself will analyze whatever data I have at my disposal as accurately as I can and make my decisions on how to spend my time, whom to do business with, and who would or would not be pleasurable to be around.

Reality and what actually works mean nothing to these people, not if it gets in the way of perceived kindness and goodness. I’d love to see a show a show where they are moved to an island, and all the capable people leave them to their own virtue signaling devices, and we could all make bets on how quickly their society explodes.
The good news, we’re practically getting that in real time in places like Minneapolis, Portland, and San Fransisco. I just worry the fallout will be too big.

But for leftists  around the USA as a whole, thank God they have brave soldiers like Dan Crenshaw fighting for the security of the United States, thinkers like Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson to help keep their cancerous ideas in check, and engineers as talented as Elon Musk to counter their notions that 2+2 just might, might not equal five.


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