All the Left Has is the Race Card to Throw at Logic + People They Disagree With

by | September 2, 2021

Instead I was baffled by statements that I was “demonstrating my white privilege.”

video: All the Left Has is the Race Card to Throw at Logic + People They Disagree With

Imagine you’re a right leaning liberty oriented political figure, opposed to vaccine passports. Opposed to an authoritarian measures being enacted by the government that more and more people are waking up to.
How do you think the opposition and the corporate media are going to take you down?
Will they address your policies and argue against them?
Will they look at your body of work and try to fairly assess the good and the bad?
Of course not, they’re just going to play the race card. Over and over and over again.
And it doesn’t matter who you are, just that they’re against the policies.
The LA Times called current California governor gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder, “The Black Face of White Supremacy.” Maybe they should just accuse him of wearing black face too. Clayton Bigsby did too. (Dave Chappelle skit reference)

There’s Maxine Bernier of the PPC, which happens to be the last semblance of coherent thought in Canada, a nation rapidly racing into the jaws of Communist, currently lead Justin Turdeau, Mr. Sensitive Black Face himself. Most people only read the headline of whatever rag is taking down Bernier via the race card, because EVERYTHING is racist.
I have personal experience in this. As someone who used to be left of center, I was never accused of being a bigot.
Then sometime around 2016 I started spewing hateful rhetoric like “America is the land of freedom and opportunity.” Having lived in 5 different countries, and having travelled to 60, I thought I had some experience to justify my statement that people might appreciate. Instead I was baffled by statements that I was “demonstrating my white privilege.”
Side note, most Americans don’t fully comprehend the opportunity they have compared to souls in SE Asia, Eastern Europe, or Central America that struggle to making a few hundred dollars a month.

I was called racist for stating two parent families yield better results than single parent families. I now understand why that’s racist. Totally.
I was called a white nationalist by a liberal for citing a FBI murder stat that stated that approximately 12% of the population, commits 52% of the murders. (really 3% when you account for the utterly sexist notion that men commit almost all of these murders and the ageist notion that they are almost all young men) … oh, if you can guess what race this 3% belonged to, then are you also a racist? Serious question. 

So, yeah, Maxine Bernier MUST BE racist, because lord knows all the things I did make me one. I have been lead to the promised land and readily admit it.
The reason they behave in such a manner. Why they play the race card over and over again, because they have nothing else. They can’t beat you with logic. They can’t beat your ideas.
Their only goal is to make sure you fall into line by making you think you’re a bad person for even considering voting for them. In the age of social media, their potential cancellation by these authoritarians becomes your cancellation. Fall into line, be on the right side,

Justin Turdeau in black face. 

Sure, Turdeau appeared in black face on numerous occasions, Governor Northrup of Virginia wore a Klan outfit, or was it blackface, he can’t remember but it was one of them, and Joe Biden stated he didn’t want his children growing up in a racial jungle, but this is totally excusable, cause they are on the correct and moral side. Not someone who opposes vaccine mandates and passports who you have to make up some racist remark about.
But dare cite an FBI statistic, have faith in America’s values, or state you wish everyone would have two parent families because they yield better children and thus make a stronger society, and watch the accusations of racism flood in.
Don’t worry about it, you’ve uttered similar “racist” things as well. And they’ll tell you, because the race card is all they have to play.
Ignore them, laugh at them as I am doing now, and reject their ideas and let their accusations fall into the vast expanse of a vacuum that represents their fragile little minds. Laugh at them.
Look, I am racist … according to them. I no longer care.
Vote for Maxine Bernier. There is no way he is as racist as Justin Turdeau. 


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