My Letter of Protest to YouTube Support for my Second Strike- Ministry of Truth

by | September 10, 2021

Just the Gestapo picking up someone they don’t like and throwing them in jail for general purposes, no need for specific charges. We’ll have a show trial. 

The following is my letter to YouTube support having received my second Strike in a month for the following video decrying Justin Trudeau’s demonization of Canadians.

Hi Kris

As you seem like a decent person, I want to give you my frustrated update to my sinking opinion of Google + YouTube.
I am tired of the censorship. Tired of the OBVIOUSLY political leanings of employees being put into practice. Just look at Google search results and only left wing sites coming atop. Comments being deleted willy nilly on my channel and then these subscribers never commenting again.
Oh, and then my second strike in the last three months for stating that children are “ESSENTIALLY bullet proof to Covid.” Of course, that’s my guess, because YT never goes into specifics. Just the Gestapo picking up someone they don’t like and throwing them in jail for general purposes, no need for specific charges. We’ll have a show trial.
YT is creating an environment where thinking people are scared to speak out, lest the weight of a monopoly for viewers come down upon them. Joe Rogan is off YT and said in his latest podcast stated how glad he is of that, along with Bret Weinstein and his wife who were guests on the show.
Google is not making the world a better place. Google is only allowing political discussion if it agrees with their totalitarian left wing views. Even if they don’t arbitrarily ban it, like the lab leak theory Google said was a no-no, which is now the leading contender for the origin of Covid (will I get banned for writing this fact in an email to Google support?) they just make it nearly impossible to find such heterodox views. (search results, Youtube not even permitting my video to be searchable)
When I write Winston Smith as my name, it’s not my name. Winston Smith is a character from 1984, George Orwell’s famous book predicting essentially what is happening in the world today with authoritarianism on the rise, and our abilities to speak out freely, or contradict the Ministry of Truth, which Susan and YouTube and Google have essentially become, along with the rest of social media licking the boots of an increasingly strident Democratic Party wishing to remove the checks and balances of America which make us so great.
This is how more and more people, Joe Rogan, Bret Weinstein, myself, thousands of others are perceiving YouTube and Google. And I own good number of of Google shares. I can show you the receipts. And despite this, I despise the company the direction it is headed.
Google shares represent a substantial part of my net worth, and I still vociferously state that the company is leading us down a dark road, and is becoming a standard bearer for a more authoritarian, 1984 like world.
The only reason I even share a youtube link is because reddit, in what must be considered a cartel like strategy, auto deletes bitchute and rumble links.
The only reason to bother uploading to youtube is because it saves me time as the videos automatically propagate to odysee and bitchute.

YouTube used to be a platform of free speech, but has devolved into the Ministry of Truth.

I have nothing positive to say any more so I’ll end it there, before I anger the arrogant god like figures at the helm of your corrupt, woke, anti-liberal corporation.
Winston Smith


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