“Follow the Science” – While WE BAN Genius Inventor of mRNA vaccine Robert Malone off Twitter

by | January 6, 2022

But according to Youtube, Twitter, and the Biden administration, they want you censored if you dare question “the science.”

video: “Follow the Science” – While WE BAN Genius Inventor of mRNA vaccine Robert Malone off Twitter

Just follow the science they insist over and over. What if the head lemming declared himself science and led the rest of us off a cliff?

Over and over “they” – meaning the media, the Twitteratti, the Democrats, implore you to follow the science.
Yet a majority of these people don’t understand what science is. To them it is blindly following what the media describe as science, who are given their marching orders from Dr. Fauci and the Democratic establishment.

Oh sure, occasionally one of them asks Fauci a question many people were wondering for over a year.
(Sanjay asks Fauci()

As if he hasn’t even given it consideration? Not a thought? Oh yeah, I’ll have to look into that.
Which is it? You’re the science. Is it stupid or liar? Cause I think we can all agree it has to be one of the two.
The answer is “liar.” He knows natural immunity goes against the narrative that everyone must get vaxxed.

But you want to follow The Science again? And this man, who declares himself science, doesn’t have an answer to this simple question.
Hey God, when you created the Universe, did you account for gravitational pull.
“Uhhh, I‘ll have to look into that.”

And you blindly want to follow because all those media outlets that have lied to you over and over and over again, present it as truth, and brainwash the public.

And even if you doubt a thing I am saying here, one thing that cannot be doubted is that science is continued evolution.
One hypothesis after another is presented, attacked, attempted to be torn torn down, while others attempt to replicate the findings. A hypothesis is under constant assault, assailed and waylaid.
Yet somehow, here, anyone who dares to question the narrative is castigated, nullified, derided.
Eventually, for example, Darwin’s hypothesis of evolution, has so much data and evidence behind it, scientists up it to a theory. Not a law, the “theory of evolution.”

But according to Youtube, Twitter, and the Biden administration, they want you censored if you dare question “the science.” They want to mandate these vaccines by law. Don’t question the hypothesis.

Dr. Robert Malone, who at minimum had a helping hand in creating the mRNA vaccine, is involved at the highest level of the regulatory processes, involved in every pandemic since AIDS, has been banned from several social media platforms, most recently Twitter.

Although social media companies never give you a specific reason, we can all guess is it’s because he has spread vaccine hesitancy. Maybe the Biden administration has asked, perhaps on behalf of Pfizer, in what is the fascist unification of corporation and state, Twitter to censor him. And *poof,* he’s gone.

Follow the science. As if it is guaranteed. Follow the science, like the Michanganders demonstrating the loss of their rights and businesses were terroristic superspreaders, while packed in thousands of BLM protests and riots not only didn’t spread Covid, but were good for public health.
Like Fauci, admittedly lying to us about the efficacy of masks at the start of the pandemic.
That there is no or only minor risk from the vaccines.
That the efficacy rate will be 90%.

That it’s one and done.

Say from the start that you’re wondering, perhaps the Wuhan Covid virus spread from the lab in the city, with the same name, with one of the only Covid investigating laboratories in the world, and you were a crackpot, paranoid, conspiracy theorist.

Should you question any of these things, you were likely banned from social media. Made to out to be a pariah. Attacked.
And that’s exactly what is happening to Dr. Robert Malone.

Follow the science.

But if Dr. Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, is not allowed to speak open the subject, who exactly is?

I repeat, if Dr Malone, with his expertise, are censored and banned, who is there with any expertise to present an opposing view?
They say “follow the science,” But they don’t let the science evolve.

Is it possible that they are feeding you the paradigm they want, whether that’s because they truly believe it is what is best, or perhaps, and more likely, because if people follow along blindly, it makes the already powerful more powerful, and brings the wealthy still more money. And they are frame it as science, and silence YOU by imposing penalties for speaking out against the Narrative.

Is that why doctors are losing their licenses and being attacked by the establishment for speaking out? Because they have framed their desired outcome as science, and scared you against publicly doubting it.
Again, if they silence Dr. Malone, who is in the top five people in the world whose opinion we should listen to, who exactly are they going to allow to evolve the science?

So, go ahead and get your kids vaccinated. The science is settled. Just because the current efficacy of the vaccines is questionable is no reason to not follow the science.
Just because there seems to be a risk of myocarditis to your healthy child, ignore that, listen to Dr Fauci, excuse me, I mean The Science, and follow along.

Follow the science. Or perhaps the edicts of those who have framed the Narrative and cloaked it in the name of science to extract from you exactly what they desire.


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