People Ignore all the GOOD That Black Lives Matter Has Done — Here’s a List

by | May 31, 2022

sure they attempted to divide us as a nation along racial lines and largely succeeded,

video: But What About all the GOOD Black Lives Matter has Done for America?

I’m ashamed to say, as an American who tries to be fair and view events dispassionately and accurately, but it seems that a lot of people are taking potshots at Black Lives Matter, without considering all the positives that came from the movement. 

Okay, sure, I grant you, the organization declared war on the nuclear family, stating their desire to disrupt it, sure, they attempted to divide us as a nation along racial lines and largely succeeded, deepening the enmity between us, and granted, they never mention all the black lives lost in the inner city, all the murders at the hands of young black gangsters, and okay, I’ll admit, the organization might have encouraged violence against others, and justifying it along the lines of racial equity, alright, they got weak and stupid white people to bend the knee in parks around the nation, and apologize for the sins of people they weren’t related to, and weren’t even on the planet within 100 years of, and yes, they engaged in looting and burning down businesses, including those of entrepreneurial blacks, sure, they took all the funds raised and bought themselves many beautiful houses with the money, including one mansion for over 6 million that the previous day had been valued at 3 million, and alright, a lot of small local BLM chapters were looking to get their share of the grift, but the National Movement looked out for number one and kept the funds for themselves, and yes, the organization openly bragged about profiting off the white guilt they helped install in America with the help of their allies in mainstream media and the politicos using identity politics to secure votes. (Warren clip) 

But let’s once again remember all the good that came out of the movement …. umm … ummm ….

Oh wait, these self professed Marxists leaders now own all those houses, stock portfolios, and were able to pour money into the pockets of the founder’s baby Daddy, and her brother. The inner circle at BLM is so much wealthier today. Multi-millionaires, (I’m rich biatch). And their lives matter, they were black. 

They’re better off, and let’s never forget this! Black Lives Matter. 


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