Economy shrinks for 2nd Quarter in a Row- Recession– NOT if we Change the Definition

by | July 28, 2022

That only works if you change the definition, and hence you have the schemers, the scammers, the grifters.

The Economy shrunk in the 2nd quarter which in the past automatically meant we are in a recession. BUT wait a minute, not so fast! 

You see, taking a page out of the Orwellian playbook, one can just change the meaning of words. Racism, only if you are white directing it towards blacks. Men, can get pregnant … or you’re a transphobe, and a recession, well sure the old definition which we used to abide by of two consecutive quarters of shrinking GDP, well, that doesn’t suit our interests any longer, so we are going to attempt to gaslight the public, stating that we aren’t “technically” in a recession.

That only works if you change the definition, and hence you have the schemers, the scammers, the grifters.

If I employ you to repave my driveway, and two days later it isn’t complete, and you give me a bill, and I refuse to pay it, and you argue that a recent rain has sickened the gravel, and that’s the new definition of “repaving” so you better pay up, we’re going to have a problem.

My son telling me his homework is “done” because he thought about doing it, is not the same as it being completed.

In the past ten occurrences of two consecutive quarters of negative GDP, the government has always admitted it was a recession.

This is not virtual reality where you change a parameter of the code to get what you want. This is not a video game where you screw up and get to start over. The Biden administration policies have real world effects on people. But because they are such power hungry, evil people, they’ll flat out lie to you about everything for their political gain.

Language exists to communicate with each other, so we can understand the world at the same level and get things done. Specificity matters, and we are most efficient when we understand exactly what the other person means. These post-modernists and liberals change the language to suit their immediate needs and political ideology.

And the amount of time we waste trying make sense of it, arguing whether or not “men” can become pregnant, hint, they cannot, changing the definition of an economic indicator, rather than going out and producing, well, no wonder we are in a recession.

So, do you want to be on the side of reason and rationality, or on the side of lies, obfuscation, and denial of biological truths?

Share the video with anyone who might still be buying into the gaslighting and allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes. I just cannot imagine why anyone cannot see the trend and be one the side of these post-modernists and liars, and the implicit state run media.


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