Because you save for a sunny day, not a rainy one.

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The nation of Turkey’s currency is currently in a free fall, trading at an all time low, 6.4 lira against the US dollar, down over 70% for the year. The reason, banks pumping massive dollar denominated debts into emerging markets at super low interest rates. The economist in the column above stated that as Turkey’s […]

With Amazon and Google battling it out for your data, the home invasion has begun, and Google should want to speed up their penetration.

Get an understanding of what drives the economic machine, and how the world’s best hedge fund manager predicted the 2008 crash.

Jim Cramer pounding the table about stock after stock. The noise of the 24 hour news cycle. What do? Follow Warren Buffett’s advice. The Oracle of Omaha.

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Richard Birecki

Richard Birecki

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You save for a sunny day, not a rainy one. Why? To be able to have the freedom to enjoy that day. To be able to step out of the office. I went from broke like most people after college, to having the freedom to travel most anytime I want. Whatever that freedom might be for you, I'm showing you the strategies I and other financially successful people use, with doses of inspiration for sweetness.

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Because You Save for a Sunny Day, not a rainy one. 

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