7 Subtle Signs you’re Dating a Dead Weight who will Drown you Financially

by | November 15, 2017 | 5 comments

This isn’t your “Ways to know your dating a gold-digger” list. These are more subtle. Stay afloat, read on.

This isn’t your “Ways to Know You’re Dating a Gold Digger” list. To me, those things are too obvious, and if that’s what you’re into, well, that’s your choice, get mined away.
What we are looking at here are more subtle signs that you and your nest egg are going to Davey Jones Locker if you continue being involved with such a person.
Now, someone might have one of these of these marks of the devil, and it’s just a warning sign. Two of them, watch out. Three, abandon ship immediately.

(This list applies to both males and females)

  1. They bring too much baggage on a trip— Aside of the fees to check all those suitcases when traveling by air, an excess in baggage is symptomatic of the crater of an ego that will need to filled by greater and greater amounts of money. I need a white dress for this occasion a black dress for that one, and shoes to match. Better take them all for a five day trip, ya know, just in case, because I’m not enough as myself to deal with the judgements of not being prepared. It’s ego.
  2. They order food/drink which they don’t finish– If it happens a few times, you’re dealing with someone who is wasteful of resources, not only financially. If you’re full, take the food home, or have it packed and give it to a homeless person. I had a girlfriend who ordered a $15 glasses of wine, take a sip and leave the rest. Yes, I quickly downed it before leaving the restaurant.
  3. They always want to buy something new— nothing is never enough. Their closet is overflowing, but they can’t find anything to wear, so they go out and buy new shoes, a new dress. Every time they feel down, it’s shopping therapy.
  4. They pay interest on their credit cards every month– Although this can happen through no fault of their own and they get mired into paying off a large, unexpected charge (like a medical one) in general you’re dealing with someone who is not only living beyond their means, but compounds it with future obligations to keep Wells Fargo’s shareholders rich.
  5. Their friends seem super status oriented— Birds of a feather flock together. Eventually your partner will feel the pressure to have the $100,000 car, the designer clothes, or the Tiffany bracelet to fit in.
  6. They scoff at Chipotle— “No honey,” (a slight scoff) “You don’t take me to Chipotle,” was the retort to my suggestion of meeting there for an early dinner. If you’re trying to save money, don’t get a car that needs super premium gasoline to get around town. Hard boiled eggs in a salad is about as good as it gets nutritionally, and way cheaper.
  7. Too Many Selfies, far fewer photos with you — If you’ve been dating and their Instagram is filled with selfies of themselves, and you and others are barely (if at all) featured, you’re dealing with someone is likely image conscious, which will almost certainly manifest in their material needs/ wants/ desires.

Look, if you have the money and can easily afford all these expenses, enjoy.
If you’re in the process of building a nest egg meant to provide you with the freedom to enjoy sunny days on your own terms, then it literally pays to be aware of all the dead weight that can pull you down to Davey Jones Financial Locker.


  1. Lindsey Houska

    Love this list.

    • Richard Birecki

      So glad :0 I think it’s alright too. Feel free to share the column!

  2. Brandon

    I think you just described every woman in America.

    • Richard Birecki

      No, not really. Some, sure, but not all of them. Cheers man

  3. MGTOW

    Most western women are financial deadweight. Don’t fall for it men.


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