Hit the Nos, Fast + Furiously + Watch the US Economic Engine EXPLODE

by | April 12, 2021

Ask anyone around the world who has experienced a currency devaluation, which is a more common occurrence than you might imagine, and they’ll take your US dollars with gratitude and hold onto them for years.

video: Hit the Nos, Fast + Furiously + Watch the US Economic Engine EXPLODE

Life takes on a different meaning when you’re living for the short term. When you’re facing imminent defeat or death, you have the right to say, “I live my life a quarter mile at a time.” 

Unfortunately, when you‘re in charge of steering the world’s biggest and most productive economic engine you can’t go all fast and furious hitting the noz.
Why has the United States been the world’s most innovative and biggest producer?
How was the economic engine built?

After World War II because  America was the only Westernized country whose infrastructure hadn’t been actively destroyed, that wasn’t dealing with millions of deaths that had taken place on their lands.
Also, because the US didn’t impose many rules on the development of its economy, because there was also great room to the West to go and explore. the economy was under competitive pressures, and it flourished.
Then you had those seeking a better life who fled their lands for better prospects and security 

I’m not only talking about the marginal worker, but the big brains like Oppenheimer, Albert Einstein, Sergei Brin, and Elon Musk. . This brain drain which continues today of the most gifted coming to where their work will be rewarded by more than a pat on the back of the ruling elite or a bullet to the back of the head.
Elon came to the states specifically because it was the place he could most easily innovate and succeed. It was like a magnet that drew him. And while the world has benefitted from ingenuity, the American people have disproportionately.
This is why it’s upsetting that the left side of the aisle is doing all it can to kill the goose that lays the golden egg. they want red tape over everything, they want racial hiring quotas and to give contracts based on diversity rather than merit, they want to raise taxes making it more likely that companies go offshore, and, since they won, in theory, the Georgia senate seats, they want to keep printing endless supplies of American dollars, threatening one of the major competitive advantages that the US has, being the world’s reserve currency. 

How big of an advantage is it? Go to any country and see what the stuff under their mattresses as a store of value, it’s not the Russian ruble. 

Ask anyone around the world who has experienced a currency devaluation, which is a more common occurrence than you might imagine, and they’ll take your US dollars with gratitude and hold onto them for years.
Would you rather get paid in dollars or Argentinian pesos? 

With the Covid epidemic and the initial lockdown, the government rightfully distributed money to prevent unrest and massive economic despair. This was likely the correct course of action to take when people were shut out of their jobs.
But now like giving a child a shiny toy they don’t want to let go of, the leftist politicians, with no adults in the room, have decided to keep hitting the noz.
Yeah, the USA has the strongest engine, but if Dementia Joe keeps hitting the button with his enabling band of senior abusers the engine will start to burn and fall apart, like engine of a car when you repeatedly subject it to the effects of burning nitrous oxide. 

There will be no faith in the US dollar when it gets printed and distributed like monopoly money. Currency, like most things, only has value when it is scarce.

As you are able to produce more from the same inputs, the price of the goods falls. This is why technology is deflationary. Just look at the travel industry, where in the past it might have taken maybe 100 agents working all day to process the same number of reservations that the software at expedia.com takes care of in a half hour, leaving said souls to produce something else of value.
Technology and innovation, ala Elon Musk who has reduced the cost of launching a satellites into space by 90%.
Increased standards of living around the world are almost solely a function of Increasing productivity.

Now, Let’s say you have a house on the corner that costs one million dollars.
Out of the goodness of our hearts, we Democrats put 2 million dollars into each citizens’ bank account.
What is that price of the house now? I just gave everyone two million dollars that no one produced anything to create … it’s no different than flooding the world with monopoly money, other than the fact that the rest of the planet still believes that US monopoly money has value.
Do you think that one of a kind item is going to stay at a million dollars, or will it be bid up by everyone looking for a place to park their funny money.
It also means that everyone who diligently saved up $500,000 in cash has seen their lifelong savings in one small push of the pen. 

It’s why the price of assets with limited supply like artwork, bitcoin, and even lumber are rocketing upwards. To protect the savings one has accumulated from these spendthrifts looking waste the money of others’ for their own political and ideological gain. 

They would rather hit the noz over and over today, and let others worry about the amazing engine they destroyed at a later date. So do move out the US dollar. Winter is coming, and the first snow will be the confetti of worthless US currency falling to the USA, as the woke Gods keep hitting the Noz, as the engine which has towed the world forward to the land of prosperity, is being actively destroyed for short term political wins. 


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