Recall Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom? A “Nuanced” Point , Counterpoint Debate

by | August 21, 2021

video: Recall Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom? A “Nuanced” Point , Counterpoint Debate As many of you know, the governor of California, Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom is facing a recall effort that threatens to sweep him out of office. I want to fairly and accurately go over each point of contention, and then bring a counterpoint to […]

video: Recall Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom? A “Nuanced” Point , Counterpoint Debate

As many of you know, the governor of California, Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom is facing a recall effort that threatens to sweep him out of office. I want to fairly and accurately go over each point of contention, and then bring a counterpoint to the nuanced debate. I also ask that you share this video with all Californians so that they might understand the issues at hand, that hopefully are presented in a fair and balanced manner here.

Point 1: 31 billion dollars of taxpayer $$ given away to fraudsters

31 billion dollars of fraud, gone, given away. Your tax payer money at work under Newsom. 

I got fired from a job in college for the register count being $5 off. My boss didn’t want to hear my excuses, my offer to replenish the cash drawer was not accepted.
Meanwhile the California EDD, under the leadership of Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom, has 31 BILLION extracted from it by fraudsters.  Billions …  your money.
Think about what you pay in yearly taxes to the state. It’s a lot, but even with that, I think for most people, that would take a few years of 100% of the taxes they personally pay into the system, to pay off that total amount.
Again, I’m not a mathematician, but that’s my guess.

Imagine someone losing 31 billion tax payer money because they are so disorganized, so bad at their jobs.
I got fired for being $5 off. That was a strict standard they had, and I failed. But who got fired from the EDD? Virtually no one! Maybe a couple people retired early and took their government pension. Let’s make sure the buck stops with the executive at the top, French Laundry Newsom. 31 billion bucks that is.

Counterpoint- Two actually. 

  1. 31 billion of your money. Who cares? French Laundry Newsom was rightfully worried about more important things. What exactly? Diversity and equity. He made sure the EDD met diversity quotas, meaning the right mix of skin color existed in the EDD office while 31 billion of your money was siphoned away. As the left continues to push equity, doesn’t the race of the workers matter more than their competence. It’s only a few years of your 100% of your salary to make up the 31B. That seems like a small price to pay.
    And lest you start telling me some far right talking point that jobs where you are in charge of billions of dollars should be merit based. You can go to hell, because affirmative action and diversity are responsible for us having a VP as worthy as Kamala Harris.
  2. That’s okay, because Big Daddy Joe Biden will just print money to reimburse California so that way everyone one wins, especially the fraudsters and French Laundry Newsom, who are at least in the minds of some voters, being made whole. Forget that it’s stealing from everyone else.
    My Daddy couldn’t have given me $5 to reimburse the rec cen, because my boss, in that moment, believed I was either incompetent or dishonest. Regardless of which it was, I paid for my mistake.

Point 2: The French Laundry Incident
While telling restaurants to close, Californians to stay inside and mask up in the interest of everyone, Gavin, and this is where his nickname comes from, went to a birthday party with lobbyists at possibly the most expensive restaurant in the world, the French Laundry in Napa, California.
When rumors of his having attended began circulating, Newsom LIED, stating that his party had dined outside and had followed safety protocols.
Photos then emerged showing the Newsom dining INDOORS AND UNMASKED at over a thousand dollars a plate with the lobbyists, and were so loud, other diners complained. 

So, while he tells you to stay inside, to mask up, to not congregate, he and his Democrat cronies violate the exact same policies. Should you like such a person? Such a hypocrite, such an elitist?
Rules for thee, but not for me as the old motto goes.

Counterpoint: He’s an elite. While the Democrats call for a renewal of the mask mandate, Obama has a 60th birthday party where no one is wearing masks. You MUST mask up, but as a NY Times reporter regurgitated, “This is a vaccinated and sophisticated crowd.” Translation: they’re rich and Democrats, thus exempt from the rules.
Once again, rules for thee, not for me. But it’s justified. It’s the same way in all Communist countries. Should we really begrudge him this elite status which gives him these special privileges?

Point 3: Businesses are fleeing.
Many high profile businesses, including Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Elon Musk and his new plant for his electric Tesla truck have fled California, costing the state many high paying jobs, and threatening the network effect it had working for it of being the place for entrepreneurs to come.

Who cares about Elon Musk. He thinks he is smarter than you just because he is literally a rocket scientist, and multi-billionaire businessman running multiple successful companies. When French Laundry Newsom demands that all businesses in the state shutdown, and Elon thinks he can keep his factory producing something of actual value that the world desires, who is he to claim he has a plan to keep his workers safe.
Assembly women, a Democratic Newsom ally, tweeted out “F*ck Elon Musk” based on his decision.

French Laundry Newsom knows better than Elon. He is after all a politician elected. Whose judgement are you going to trust?
And heck, as for the other businesses, if they want to go somewhere else, let them. Newsom doesn’t need them interfering with his edicts and talking back like Elon Musk. Who cares if they supply jobs and pay for the social programs and make people happy.

Point 4: Children have been forced to stay home from school as French Laundry Newsom sides with the teachers Union and their desire to never work again. 

Children are depressed missing out on a year school, falling behind, because of the governor’s edicts. Sure, Ron Desantis of Florida kept his state open and people happy, but his outcomes regarding Covid are … about the same of California, despite having an older population. Huh?
But Gavin looooooooooves his teachers, you know the heroes that provide an education that is getting worse and worse for their students, to the point that they want to ban advanced placement classes, in the name of equity, and lower the standard needed to graduate.
Now, these same hero teachers, because they want to stay home and get paid,  use the pandemic as an excuse, and Gavin makes sure that their union, aka racket, maintains the money supply and opposes school choice so the kids don’t have a choice but suffer.
meanwhile he sends his kids to private school.
So, you know, at least the teachers are happy. Gotta give French Laundry Newsom credit for that.

Counterpoint: These children will never get that time back. They didn’t learn, they didn’t socialize. They are depressed. It will affect America for a long long time going forward in the future. And for what? What was the beneficial trade-off here?
French Laundry Newsom’s decisions aren’t in the best interest of his citizens, but special interests are who he is beholden to.

Look, I could go on. I hope I have given a fair assessment and point, counterpoint of the situation. My Friend Chrissy D tells me he is afraid of rocking the boat, afraid of what someone like Larry Elder would do.
I think to myself, your boat is on the rapids headed towards a giant waterfall with a skipper that is steering dead straight ahead towards your imminent destruction. How could you NOT want to jump ship as I did by seeing where we were headed and leaving California, or at least switching captains before you crash on the rocks below? the choice is yours.
Vote YES on the Recall, and Vote for Larry Elder.

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