Why I Fight in the Culture Wars

by | November 10, 2021

video: Why I Fight in the Culture Wars A friend of mine suggested that I have better things to do in my life than concentrate on the culture wars. Makes me think and consider for a few moments. We have a limited amount of time on this earth. Most things we do we don’t remember […]

video: Why I Fight in the Culture Wars

A friend of mine suggested that I have better things to do in my life than concentrate on the culture wars. Makes me think and consider for a few moments.
We have a limited amount of time on this earth. Most things we do we don’t remember the next day, the events are archived, and only a select few memories percolate through the mind on any regular basis. Cultivate those to make them ones of gratitude and victory if you can.

Given this, why would I spend the limited amount of time I have on this planet, mocking the woke, and explaining how the corporate establishment media lies over and over and over again to the public.
And then when we extrapolate to how small we are as individuals in relation to this earth, a grain of sand on the beach, and the earth isn’t even that large compared to our galaxy, and our galaxy even smaller compared to the Universe. In other words, as much as our egos want us to believe differently, we are nothing.
How about we just appreciate the moments of sentience that we have, and bliss out in a state of nirvana as we realize the interconnectedness of life and the energy of Universe, being one.

All this I grant as a truth, and still, I am experiencing the miracle of life as an individual entity on this planet.
And still, one must understand that there are actual truths, both mathematical and moral, which define the playground of our Universe,
And it has taken eons for humanity to uncover these truths, these laws of physics, that allow our society to thrive: innocent until proven guilty, judge me not by the color of my skin, but the content of my character, do unto others as you would have done to you, the ten commandments.
There are strategies and rules used to operate in the world, that are simply are superior
So, when I see post-modernists claiming there are no Universal truths, that everything is relative, as if you can eat nothing but McDonald’s meals and Coca-Cola and have the same health outcomes as someone eating organic broccoli and chicken with a glass of filtered water … when I see the woke claim that being color blind and not recognizing someone based on the color of their skin, is, in fact, “racist,” that biological females have the same strength as males, that Michanganders protesting Covid restrictions are endangering public health and behaving in a “terroristic” manner, but massive BLM protests weeks later are beneficial for public health, that looting and burning down buildings are still “mostly peaceful,” that 2+2=5 … I instinctively recognize a threat to not only to a superior set of values that actually work when employed, but an assault on Truth itself.

It’s a cosmic joke that a doctor who states that he will not be checking the prostrate of a biological female who identifies as male, might get attacked on Twitter for being transphobic, as they clamor to have his medical license removed; meanwhile the same person would sue him for medical malpractice if he prescribed her viagra that caused heart palpitations, in an effort to improve her “stiffy.”
When Virginia elects a black female lieutenant governor and a Hispanic DA and the media and the left declares it is purely a function of white supremacy. (Homey don’t play that)
This ideology is what they are attempting to implant into the minds of young people. They want them irate and angry, and when you point out that sowing racial division amongst youngsters is not good for ANYONE except adding fuel for the Marxist drive to power, they’ll gaslight you and say they aren’t teaching critical race theory, and then of course, call you a racist.
It took 80 years to unwind the horrors of Communism in the Soviet Union, and Eastern Europe still has major societal scars from the ideology.
Yet, this is the Russian import, these people clamor for.

And most people say, “yeah, let them do what they want, I just wanna enjoy my life, I’m just gonna pretend to go along with it.”
They build their coalition, in part because people do not stand up and expose them for the authoritarian, hateful people they are, and as they amass more and power, suddenly more and more individual become fearful to speak out, like an evil snowball.
And slowly, that joy of living, the easiness of life, the opportunities to better oneself, begin to fade away, … and then disappear in a flash when they are able to fully choke the life out of truth, and mandate that a doctor must prescribe viagra if a biological female wants it, and that as a society, we also, must to pay for it.

And reflecting on this, from a selfish short term standpoint, it would be far easier to disappear into the jungle, listen to the river run, drink coffee, and not think of these things.
But instinctively I cannot do that. I choose to fight and stick up for truth so we can avoid the 80 years of Bolshevik rule. So that we can avoid the firing squads these fascists, who claim they are the anti-fascists, would immediately set-up if they could.
When do you want to fight these wannabe Hitlers? After they built their army, as you’ve sat around like Neville Chamberlin praying that you’re correct that they don’t intend to destroy the world?
You appease them, because you perceive the cost of standing up today, too high?
You want to let someone else do the dirty work, and then complain about the rampant shoplifting in San Fransisco as the “progressives” ignore human nature and incentives, out of ideological purity.

I stand up, I speak out, I spend my valuable time on this because I think I must. Like a soldier, I face down this brutal enemy so that you don’t have to. So they don’t teach your children they are the oppressor, or that they are oppressed, because of the color of their skin.
Maybe it provides some meaning in my life, but I’m not fighting a battle of ideas against these people to denigrate them or to have something to do, I’m battle because they assault Truth with a capital T.
I spend my time on this  because I want my children to inherit a world of laughter, of possibility, where merit matters, and not live in the grey clothes and gulags that they would imprison you in if they had the power for the “crime” of wrong-think, ala 1984.
Not so they can promise no vaccine mandates, and then try to enact laws forcing you to forgo your right to state, “My body, my choice,” that they espouse and cheer for when a biological man gets pregnant, by whatever formulation they come up with.

Objectively, spending the time on this, speaking up so much, and continually being attacked by the wokesters doesn’t make sense. I do it because I feel compelled. Because if I don’t stop the fascists marching, who will? Join me.

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