#Bitcoin is BETTER than Gold, Better Than Gold, Better than #Gold -WHY

by | February 12, 2022

Bitcoin, you’re on a plane with your thumbnail drive and still control all your wealth. 

video: #Bitcoin is BETTER than Gold, Better Than Gold, Better than #Gold -WHY

1: Bitcoin is far more portable than gold. The cost of shipping $10,000 million dollars of gold is substantial, with security, loading, and transport of the metal, while billions of dollars bitcoin can be zipped in a matter of minutes with the strike of a keyboard. 

3: A bitcoin is infinitely divisible. Gold is much harder to divide into smaller pieces, and it’s impractical to split gold down a nickel’s worth of it.

4: The supply of Bitcoin is completely independent of the price. The creation of Bitcoin follows a fixed schedule with a programmed limit of 21 million. The supply of monetary gold increases when the gold price goes up, due to increased mining given the incentives to unearth gold, and redirection from industrial use. 

5: Bitcoin is relatively easy to secure. You can memorize a Bitcoin seed phrase. Bitcoin can only be stolen by improper security & privacy practices. On the other hand, even the most secure gold vault is vulnerable to armed theft by criminals and governments – as has often happened.

6. If I have gold, and someone know where it is, they can use brute force to confiscate it. Put a gun against my head, pull the trigger now I’m dead. And that, gold is yours. 

But bitcoin doesn’t work that way. Pull the trigger, you’re not getting the secret keys.

Additionally, you can store it in a multi-signature fashion, so that even if you want to try to coerce one of the keys from an individual, you still don’t have the full key, and aren’t getting the coin. 

7. Unlike other property, it is harder for the government to tax or confiscate. 

Take a house in New York or California. At any point the moronic, Communist government can announce they are installing a 25% property tax. If you don’t put legs on your Malibu beach house and convince it to run to Mexico, your house is gone in 4 years. 

Bitcoin, you’re on a plane with your thumbnail drive and still control all your wealth. 

In the 1930’s FDR  actually made it illegal to own gold privately, and the Federal government confiscated a lot of gold from private citizens. All the countries that stored gold in US vaults , in 1971, when the French sent a warship to get their gold back, due to concerns about overspending on war, Vietnam in this case, were told that the gold would not be given back. 

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So, how is gold superior to bitcoin? You can use it in jewelry and electronics, and it’s pretty to look at, but as a store of value, given the fact that like the Big Bang that created the conditions for gold, bitcoin came from a similar inception unlikely to be repeated. 

And when more people awaken to this idea, you can bet that gold will get cheaper as its primary use becomes watches, jewelry, and electronics.

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