How They F*ck You with Inflation, and the Average Person Doesn’t Understand They’ve Been Shafted

by | September 26, 2023

Five years ago you made a decision, you weren’t going to spend the decent chunk of change, 50k, you had put away, rather you would save another 50k and save up for a down payment on the house your wife wants, you know, the one in the nice neighborhood. You were going to do all […]

Five years ago you made a decision, you weren’t going to spend the decent chunk of change, 50k, you had put away, rather you would save another 50k and save up for a down payment on the house your wife wants, you know, the one in the nice neighborhood.

You were going to do all you could to get ahead financially. you’ve scrimped, you have saved, you put off a couple Hawaiian vacations with the family, opting instead to take the kids to your local Six Flags amusement park.

You made your coffee at home, versus the $5 Starbucks latte. I mean, sure around Halloween you splurged for the Pumpkin Spice that one time, but that was it.

You carpooled when you could to save on gas and tickets.

And today, finally you put that last dollar away, and you have a 20% downpayment, the 100k needed buy that house.

But then you and your wife, on that fateful day you’ve passed the monetary goal mark, walk hand in hand to the bank ,and realize that you’ve been robbed.

Oh, you still have 100 K, no one touched that, just the purchasing power of your money is nowhere close to what it was.

That 500k house, is now closer to 1 million. In terms of the down payment,  even though you added the 50k to your savings, it has only enabled you to tread water. You’re no closer to shore than when you started.

Your wages have been stolen from you. They’ve put you on the hamster wheel of life. You think you’ve been running as hard as you can, but you’re the same distance from your goal as when you started.

How, why did this happen. What did you do wrong?

I’m sure everyone knows someone in such a situation. Share this video with them.

The truth is, you’ve been surreptitiously stolen from. It’s not your fault. These thieves don’t leave a trace. It’s a bureaucrat at the Federal Reserve hitting Control P and out comes a torrent of money.

What does this do? Conveniently for the government, it monetizes debt, making the money they payback actually worth far less than when they borrowed it. Like if I borrow $1,000 from you to buy a Macbook, the price doubles because the money supply doubled, and I pay you back $1050, including the interest. Your buying power, as the saver, the lender, has dropped off the cliff.
That means the biggest winner’s in the world borrow massive amounts of cash, and then pay it back in devalued currency.

It also means that it dilutes any savings that are in cash, of the good decent people that save for the rainy day, not knowing the crooks in the government are drowning them.

Let me give you a slightly bigger example.

Let’s say that you had 50k saved and your 4 neighbors only have 10k because you worked and saved while they partied with their income. The money is competing over scarce resources, you have a sizable advantage in being able to outbid them for items.

What if, in effort to get ahead you loan one of them 40k with an interest rate. He’s 100% good for it.

Suddenly your benevolent government prints up $1 billion and distributes it equally to all of you.

Suddenly you each have 200 million dollars. They have completely diluted your savings, your buying power and the competitive economic advantage you had with the stroke of a pen.

What happens to the price of the scare goods, like housing? They balloon in nominal terms because all of you are bidding against one another with many more zeroes behind your name.

Like say you lived in economy with the money supply constrained at $250,000. Assuming one man could gather every single dollar the most one could purchase the best house in the neighborhood for is … 250k.

But now there is magically 1 billion dollars circulating. The value that money used to hold, becomes, again, worthless.

Worse is the cantillon effect, when a select few, like Blackrock, closest to the spigot of money, are given the printed money first, at incredibly low rates. What do they do, they take and go buy up entire housing divisions with it, raising the prices out of reach of the average person.

Blackrock is given this massive spigot of money to spend first.

Prices jump, take the hard assets, before anyone else can, before the inflationary pressures are felt by the masses.
The money is printed … let’s call it counterfeited … given to the friends of those in power, and they steal the assets and the buying power of your income. It is theft. Legalized theft. The best kind … if you’re close to the money spigot.

And do you think it’s any wonder we have people in a state of discontent? When they see prices rising and don’t understand why, but the Biden administration calls it “The Putin price hike” … BS- it’s printing 40% of the US dollars in existence over the last few years.

It’s why Turdeau up in Canada blames grocers for raising prices, and demanding they explain their “record” profits.
To explain that briefly, I have a grocery store with 3% margins, meaning that if I sold $100,000 worth of groceries I kept $3,000 of it. Now the price of everything doubles. I naturally am forced to raise my prices or go out business. My profit margins are still the same 3% let’s say, but now I’m selling 200k worth of groceries. The same number of apples, candy bars, heads of lettuce by the way, just matching the prices I have to pay, but now I’m making $6,000 … and to be clear, because the price of everything has doubled, still gives me the same buying power as before as a business owner.

And this dishonest Turd, Justin Turdeau, wants to haul me in and blame ME for making “record profits” which is only on account of the inflation that the government created with their horrible policies, despite my buying power not creasing by one iota as a scramble to stay ahead of the various input cost price rises.

And here’s the deal, the United States being the worlds reserve currency has been able to distribute the cost of inflation around the globe. It’s like diluting a solution of water, it’s lot easier to not see the effects of your action distributing the toxin throughout an ocean, rather a pond.

The citizens of the United States, actually  benefit from the cantle on a fact, not nearly as much as black rock, but compared to the rest of the world who has scrimped and saved in US cash, they certainly do, because they get the money earlier.
But if the US loses the status of the world reserve currency, then with the economic and money printing strategies of the Democrats and the Republicans like, but especially the Democrats, the people of the United States are going to be impoverished like they’ve been in Argentina, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

And think about the effects of massive inflation, and how hard it is to plan long term not knowing what your money is going to be worth at the end of five years. You simply cannot do a deal in fixed nominal dollars to be paid out five years later.

It dampens investment, as well as the ability to plan long term.

Yes, bitcoin does fix this, because it’s an asset with a fixed and limited supply, which is decentralized, that can move jurisdictions in a milliseconds, and is nearly impossible to steal. But until the worlds population wise is up, the powers that be, the Elizabeth Warren’s, the black rocks of the world, will continue to keep you on the hamster wheel eternally, and steal your money, and like Justin Trudeau, blame it on the grocery store owners while they retire in their villas on the South of France.

Because they’re fucking you with inflation.


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