The Demons Attacking Elon for his Resistance to Fascism

by | March 6, 2024

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said the commission was joining “the growing list of administrative agencies that are taking action against Elon Musk’s businesses” and said the decision “certainly fits the Biden Administration’s pattern of regulatory harassment.”

video: The Demons Attacking Elon for his Resistance to Fascism

So that was Joe Biden, questioned by the legacy media, MSNBC of course, which is threatened by the fact that Elon Musk has brought free-speech back to Twitter, or X, the worlds leading real time disseminator of news.

He was giving the green-light for government actors to go after Elon Musk, shortly after the finalization of the company’s purchase.

And what has happened to our boy since? Elon is an African American, is it racist to call him “my boy?”

Well, regardless, The DOJ started off with an Investigation of Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Features.

The media reported that Tesla was doing a “recall” on all his cars, framing the situation that there was something mechanically wrong, when Tesla was merely updating the software via wireless Internet on vehicles.

Then the FCC magically decided to void a contract with Starlink, to provide rural internet access for Americans.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr said the commission was joining “the growing list of administrative agencies that are taking action against Elon Musk’s businesses” and said the decision “certainly fits the Biden Administration’s pattern of regulatory harassment.”
Musk said in a post on X the FCC decision “doesn’t make sense. Starlink is the only company actually solving rural broadband at scale! They should arguably dissolve the program and return funds to taxpayers, but definitely not send it to those who aren’t getting the job done.” You know, cronyism.

Well, of course it matches the pattern, remember when the Biden Admin didn’t invite Tesla to the electric vehicle summit, and Biden applauded and credited the General Motors CEO for being the one to revolutionize the EV industry? What an alternate reality team blue seems to be attempting to get us to believe in via their surrogates in the media.

The challenge, Twitter no longer is doing their bidding.

SpaceX was sued by the DOJ for not hiring enough asylum seekers. Not that it’s the Government’s business to tell a company who they must hire, but for daring not to hire enough asylum seekers, oh dear, that proves discrimination … sue them!

Except … except that the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrict them from hiring anyone besides US citizens and green card holders due to national security concerns, and the fact that Space X has technology China would, and likely has, killed for.

Fentanyl anyone?

Not hiring asylum seekers? Really? If you cross the line, I’ll kill you, if you stay over on your side I’ll shoot you. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

But that’s the Biden Administration and Team Blue. Protected by the hive mind and media from their utter hypocrisy and double standards.

But now the coup de gras, a Delaware case, brought allegedly by a guy who owns just 9 shares of Tesla … I say allegedly because he was recruited as the face for the public brochure, claims that Elon getting billions in compensation is unfair to shareholders, a majority approved the compensation package.

And allow me to explain the compensation package, it included metrics that most investors thought were impossible to meet. And only if every single share holder of Tesla got RICH would Elon begin to earn. To boot he was taking no salary for his efforts.

The company would have to meet metrics of revenue and profit, meaning that Elon couldn’t run the playbook of the average CEO to saddle the company with debt, using that to buy back shares, raising Earnings per share.

But before he could collect, a group of Democrat lawyers sued in Delaware court, where an activist judge ruled that the compensation package, agreed on between a private corporation and its CEO was “excessive,” and took the unprecedented step, especially in Delaware where almost all big companies incorporate because of the stability and hands off attitude of the state, of stating the compensation excessive and was “unfair to shareholders.”

Well, that large revenue for ole Joe’s state is going to dry up, as numerous founders and venture capitalists announced they would no longer be incorporating there.

Bye bye easy money Delaware, maybe you can beg the Feds to print money to give you.

But here is the kicker. Tesla shareholder justice means the man who saved your investment and made the company a household name when it was near bankruptcy, is not only robbed of what he rightfully earned, also having the effect of dissuading future entrepreneurs from even trying, a good way to achieve the desired equity team blue so wants to aerosolize … but the lawyers who filed the suit are now demanding 6 billion dollars in Tesla stock.
An unprecedented legal fee, 6 billion, for interfering with a private negotiation.

Who would want to produce amazing things, and dare ask for compensation beyond, maybe minimum wage in such an atmosphere.
I make you RICH, with Tesla shares going up 10x, and you sue me because you think it’s unfair I benefit from my back breaking work, and then try to fine my company another 6 billion for successfully waging law fare against me?

Who would want to live in such an environment?

So, to recap, before acquiring Twitter, Elon was a darling of the left. They loved his innovation and the fact that he created Tesla and made the electric car, which of course Biden credited to GM, because, you know, alternate Blue Universe.

But after his purchase of Twitter, and Biden, like a mob boss putting out a hit, gave the nod to go after Elon, the Department of Justice questions Tesla about the self driving system, has the media frame a software update as a “recall,” voids the Starling contract even though no one can do better, sues SpaceX for not hiring enough asylum-seekers despite the law stating they couldn’t, or if they had, the SpaceX would have surely been destroyed for violating national security standards, and then a judge in Delaware sides with a tiny shareholder overriding a private deal, with metrics that enriched everyone, that no one thought Elon could meet to begin with, and now you have these vampire lawyers trying to extract 6 billion dollars from the company, and let me ask you, could this possibly be random, or is this is the hit that Biden ordered being carried out, against a citizen that wasn’t “cooperating.”

This is Elon resisting fascism, meaning the merging of corporation and state, and paying the price for it by those trying to coerce him.

You tell me, is this not the same law fare they are using against President Trump?

And better question, what is the solution?
When you have two belligerent parties, for example Russia and the United States during the cold war, the only that keeps the peace are consequences for actions, and that was mutually assured nuclear annihilation. There are lines you just don’t cross.

Today, at the top of the political food chain the Democrats, the deep state, the Uni-Party didn’t just tiptoe over the line, they have assaulted everything that is decent and good about America, doing all they co-opt private enterprise into their fascistic portfolio, while burning down public trust in the neutrality of our government and institutions.
The ONLY cure, law fare in the opposite direction. I mean it, imprison every violent Antifa member, to sentences as long as those who protested peacefully on January 6th were sent in jail, go after the lying media, go after Soros and his prosectors, turn over every stone to find whatever crime they might have committed, like not hiring enough illegals, or hiring too many of them, it doesn’t really matter, just ask Space X.

The evil doers that threw the first ten punches, must pay the price for their actions, because if you are going to break the unwritten rules that hold civilization together then we need to re-establish the line, via mutually assured destruction, so that those who are saving the planet, like Elon Musk, can spend their time working to benefit humanity, rather than in court, getting sucked dry by the vampire lawyers, the hitmen of the modern day Democratic Party.


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