Democrats Pull a False Flag in Virginia- PUNISH the LIES

by | October 30, 2021

They are CLEARLY such dishonest actors and our society cannot survive such people for very long. There is a moral code that enables us to operate fluidly, lies just add friction.


video: Democrats Pull a False Flag in Virginia- PUNISH the LIES

So a bit of humorous political news, the desperate McAuliffe campaign in Virginia, helped arrange a false flag, having Tiki-torch carrying actors line up in front of the Republican candidate, Glen Youngkin’s bus, and chant, “We’re all in for Glen!”

You know how we can be sure this was a Democratic false flag. They had a black guy playing a white supremacist carrying one of the tiki-torches. You’d hate to get scolded by your peers for eschewing diversity!
If the Progressive Democrats were directing a World War II movie, there would be no doubt that they would make sure to add a black actor to Hitler’s inner circle.

The purpose of this was of course to remind people that all Republicans are all racist. That they are Donald Trump.
Then, believing the public is absolutely stupid, the McAuliffe team promoted the false flag all day, that in all likelihood they planned.
When people discovered that these were in fact Democratic operatives, including the female in the photo which Twitter was quick to identify, the Lincoln Project, a bunch of former Republicans turned grifters, good for them for raking in money from tribal idiots, were quick to call it a “stunt.”

This is the same playbook that the Democrats run over and over, create an association for one candidate with racism, so you’re a bad person if you vote for them. It’s a lie, it violates every norm of a functioning society, but they don’t care.
Now the spokesman is  regurgitating the fine people hoax, demanding Youngkin comment and condemn a moment that never took place, claiming that Trump said that the KKK and neo-Nazis were fine people when he said just the opposite, if you go on a couple of seconds from the context from provided by dishonest media rags.

It’s a whole list of lies that they have used to try to get their way, to smear people.
Kavanaugh is a rapist, Russian collusion, totally disproven, fine people, drinking bleach, Brian Sisnick police officer died at the hands of Trump supporters when he actually had a stroke, the Covington Kids, Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, and the NASCAR noose. The list goes on and on!
The questions is, why would you ever trust these people? They’re evil.

And they repeat this over and over again because the mainstream media doesn’t hold them accountable, rather they spread their lies and drop them and distract with the next story when they are found out.

So, the hoax was discovered quickly, and as a former Democrat, I’m ashamed I used to vote that way. That I didn’t care enough to investigate the reality of various situations.
F them. Hold them accountable. They are CLEARLY such dishonest actors and our society cannot survive such people for very long. Honesty enables us to operate fluidly, lies add greater and greater amounts of friction.
So hold these people to account and penalize them. Vote for Youngkin.

One other thought, maybe, just maybe I’m wrong about the Lincoln Project, maybe they convinced the McAuliffe campaign to pull this idiotic false flag in a Double agent move, and were truly on Youngkin’s side the entire time.

Penalize this behavior, don’t reward it. Let them learn.
Oh, and again, there is NO WAY there were any shennanigans in the 2020 Presidential Race, the Democrats are far too honest for that. We have to take them at their word. Always.

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