“Let’s Go Brandon” the Equivalent of Pledging Allegiance to ISIS- According to CNN Analyst

by | November 1, 2021

How is stating your displeasure with a President the anything close to pledging support for a murderous terrorist army bent on domination of the world?

A Southwest Pilot signed off of his announcements by stating “Let’s Go Brandon,” which of course translates to “long live Joe Biden,” or something like that.
One can debate whether passengers want semi-coded political messages when flying, and that’s fine as a business decision of the corporation.
One can also debate whether if the same pilot had said, “Black Lives Matter,” the organization that desires to “disrupt the nuclear family, that doesn’t care about black on black murders which number in the thousands every year, and yells at anyone that doesn’t bend to their demands, but on the other hand, destroys the property and loots, while demanding reparations.

Naturally the leftists were “outraged” by the joke, because 99% of them are humorless. Do you know a funny leftists, or are they just dour creatures?

Well, CNN analyst Asha Rangappa, the analyst and senior lecturer at Yale’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, took to Twitter to consider how the pilot’s alleged comment would be received if he had said, “Long live ISIS” instead.

“My guess is that 1) the plane would be immediately grounded; 2) the pilot fired; and 3) a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours,” she posted.

Asha Rangappa- the equivalent to Dave Chappelle in humor

How is stating your displeasure with a President anything close to pledging support for a murderous terrorist army bent on domination of the world?
Go ahead, I’m waiting. Tell me in the comments below how that is a fair equivalency.

Still waiting …

Okay, we agree it’s not only not in the same ballpark, it’s not in the same solar system.

But I’m not here to jump over one moron for presenting a false equivalency, I value your time and my own.
I’m telling you all this, because it is trend. The left believes they have an inherent right to lie to you, to exaggerate, an attempt to put you in a state of fear moral confusion, so you cleanse yourself by accepting the Church of Woke.

It’s over and over and over again. They have the right to tell you America is inherently racist, because of, you know, Jussie Smollet, the Covington Kids, Bubba Wallace, all the fake hate crimes. They tell you that protesting against Covid restrictions in a pandemic is a terroristic activity that will kill people, but weeks later the massive Black Lives Matter, let’s disrupt the nuclear family, protests are “good for public health.”
Because they own most of the airwaves, as well as social media which censors any serious dissent, they live in a bubble where there is no comeuppance. They live in an alternate reality where such lies and deceit are considered just, because they are on the right side of history, because they are empathetic. Because they know what’s right for you, for your family, and for the world, while they experience lives of misery.
Well, ISIS lives in a similar bubble. Squash all dissent with whippings and beheadings. Like the church of woke, they are ideologically pure, and similarly believe they on the right side of history. They are the cult. Just like the left.
The humorless left, which doesn’t understand the word funny, that cancels Dave Chappelle.
The left and this “analyst” are much more akin to ISIS than the pilot and those of us chanting, “Let’s go Brandon.”
I want us to get along, I want harmony in the United States in the world, so I am firmly against both ISIS and these radical leftists.
Please step out of the cult people. Recognize these dishonest actors for what they are, and stop listening to them.
And of course, “Let’s Go Brandon!”


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