2nd Class Citizens of the Vax Crowe World

by | December 5, 2021

what do you have to fear about being around unvaccinated people? Be happy. You’re protected. You have the magic.

Video: Screw your Freedom! (Say Ahhrrnold)

My son had his first ever school function, meant to demonstrate what he’s learned, and allow the parents to fraternize with each other. 
We were uninvited hours before.
It’s a vaccinated person only event.
2nd class citizen anyone? Get to the back of the bus, Rosa Parks.

Did you know that Germans are banning the unvaccinated from leaving their houses?
Why make it tough on law enforcement? Simplify; force the diseased to walk around with gold stars on their jackets.
You figure they might’ve been able to learn from their history.

Oh yeah, plus Germany will mandating the vaccine nationwide.
“Papers please.”
“Screw your freedoms,” as Arnold would say.

You have Australia now forcibly quarantining people who don’t even have Covid. Literally, taking people to a highly infectious zone  on suspicion that they interacted with a person who tested positive. That’s like seeing me near a cobra, worrying that I might have been bitten, and then imprisoning me in some Indiana Jones pit full of snakes.
Setting up check points for those who “escape.”
Police going to residences to warn people who might protest, to arrest them for doing so.
“Screw your freedoms.”

Can anyone see the police state that is forming. That they are taking away your rights? And for what? Covid is serious, especially for some. But be honest, there are distinctive markers as to whom it is most likely to effect.
Instead of telling you to eat real food, to lose some weight, to go out in the sun where you can get some vitamin D, they put their whole focus on forcing a vaccine into you.
How much money is being made by Pfizer? How many billions of your tax payer dollars are flowing into their coffers?
How are they achieving this? The use of fear. FEAR. Make someone scared enough of loss and you can get them to do virtually anything.

So now our son’s private school, is banning us from an outdoor event for the social sin of being unvaxxed. The little boy was excited to show us what he had been working on. And we have to tell him we can’t go, because why? Because we’re second class citizens? Because we must acquiesce to their authoritarian demands to be allowed to attend what we paid equally for in advance?
Don’t come into our pristine event with your gold stars you diseased Jews.
Literally, this is equivalent to blacks in the Jim Crowe south. Discrimination. Second class citizens.

And it’s ramping up around the world. And once they can quarantine you for allegedly having contact with someone with Covid, or lock you up for protesting, what’s to stop them from extending these powers to “dirty” political thoughts, or having made contact with a deplorable?

Think it’s not possible? Remember when Biden and Psaki said it wasn’t the government’s role to mandate vaccines, and a couple months later working overtime to pass coercive laws, which have fortunately been ruled unconstitutional.
The establishment has managed to push our individual panic buttons, which has been the authoritarian strategy throughout history, and that frequently enough via what is quasi-state controlled media, and convincing us to give up our hard fought for freedoms, will not serve your children, or the future generations of human beings.
We’ll protect you, we’ll make it right. Just acquiesce to us. Just give up your liberty, and hey …
“Screw your freedoms.”

And dammit, if the vaccine works as advertised, what do you have to fear about being around unvaccinated people? Be happy. You’re protected. You have the magic.
Not to mention a study in the medical journal the Lancet and admission recently by the American CDC that states that there is not a significant difference between those who got stuck and those who didn’t, in terms of likelihood of transmission.
We can choose to keep dividing the human population, allowing the authorities to sew the identifying gold stars into our clothing, or chips into our bodies, to keep living in fear and bending over for them to ram the stick of authoritarianism up our orifice, or we can all stand up and say, not only don’t tread an inch more, but to force them five steps back from where the point they began descending on our freedoms.

I know what side I stand on, and i will be pushing back, and I invite you all to push with me. And at our victory party, if you consider maintaining our god given freedoms a cause for celebration, ALL will be invited, including those of you who have chosen to be vaccinated.

And for those of you who say, “Screw your freedoms!”
Given the millions of people who gave their lives to preserve our individual liberties, that precedent, that sacrifice, supersedes whatever fear the media harpies and the authoritarian establishment has installed in you.

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