I Protest Eliminating Mandates + #Lockdowns in the UK — NO THANK YOU Boris!

by | January 23, 2022

And what about all my boosters. Did I do that for nothing?

video: I Protest Eliminating Mandates + #Lockdowns in the UK — NO THANK YOU Boris!


Devlin McGuiness, Ireland to London. Bus driver, puts food on the table.

And now ye have our esteemed leader, Boris Johnson, ending Covid restrictions for the the UK. And people want to know how I feel? 

He’s an asshole. In one fell swipe of the pen, he’s taken everything away that’s made my life enjoyable for the past two years. 

I’ve got my jab date tattooed on my chest, and the dates of each my 6 boosters, tattooed down my back. Ya can’t be too safe. 

And I was one of the caring individuals in society, that would explain the benefits of being vaccinated, and explaining the benefit, maybe that was my benefit.
|And I was one of the best.
When Pope Fauci said masks don’t work, I mocked those who had the temerity to go against his grace. When he changed his stance, I dutifully wore three of them in public, and two when I was at home alone. 

When he issued a letter calling for a public take down of PhD’s who doubted his narrative, I was one his online attack dogs.
Hydoxychloriquan- Trump stooge.
Lab leak theory, Conspiracy theorist.
Ivermectin- Let’s get your medical license cancelled charlatan.

I followed the science so hard.

I didn’t just follow the science, I didn’t just trust the science. I was THE science.

For a little while there, I was better than the lot of you.
I could look down at others. Like some idiot moron PhD physicist who refused to get vaxxed, who refused to protect others in society by being selfish. I could hurl insults at him, and the BBC, The New York Times, and powers that be would have my back.
If I saw someone flouting the rules, not wearing a mask, I could go up to him and call him narcissistic prick for endangering others. I was a person, I was important. 

And here old Boris goes and takes that away. When’s the next time I’m going to be able to break up a party, that I wasn’t invited to, reporting on them for congregating with too many people, with the Bobbies giving me a nod of respect after they hauled people away.
When’s the next time I see a Mom with a crying 3 year old on a plane who she can’t affix mask to for long, and I am going to have the power to demand that the flight be turned around, and tell her what an uncaring Mother she is.
And then call child services on her.

And what about all my boosters. Did I do that for nothing? Are people going to be giving the respect I deserve for being so vigilant about safety, when you say all it’s for naught Boris?
This selfish prick of a Prime Minister is taking the one thing away from that gives my life meaning.
So shout down demented Boris, and stand with me for “safety.” Demand more lockdowns. Demand the children wear masks not only in school, but when they go to sleep. Why should businesses be able to open while people are being infected, and skydivers whose chutes don’t open are dying of Covid? Call your MP today, tell them you feel unsafe and scared, and the government must do more to protect us all. 

Do it in the name of safety. Help me get my life back.

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