My Boy will NOT be Vaccinated + I’m NOT Happy About it

by | January 18, 2023

video: My Boy will NOT be Vaccinated + I’m NOT Happy About it  “Over my dead body,” … that was the refrain of a family member over the suggestion that her one year old get vaccinated, and I am NOT at all happy about it.  And to be clear, I’m not suggesting that we inject […]

video: My Boy will NOT be Vaccinated + I’m NOT Happy About it

 “Over my dead body,” … that was the refrain of a family member over the suggestion that her one year old get vaccinated, and I am NOT at all happy about it. 

And to be clear, I’m not suggesting that we inject him with the MRNA “therapy” being pimped out by the Biden administration and the corporate media on behalf of Pfizer; I am advocating vaccinations for polio, mumps, and measles.

I believe vaccinations to be one the greatest inventions in human history. Pure elegance- introduce a dead or attenuated pathogen to the body so that it will be recognized and dealt with by the immune system when an active one invades.

So why the change of heart in the population? Why Mom insisting on a 25 mile buffer zone between her baby and any needle, thus possibly making him susceptible to really terrible diseases that have been almost entirely eradicated from humanity, which, with the increased vaccine hesitancy created around the world, are sadly likely to make a comeback and proliferate once again.
I’m going to to tell you exactly why, and I hope, wherever you are, ask yourself the following: is it possible that similar logic will effect the vaccination decisions of many many other parents around the globe? Have our public health officials served us, the public, and emboldened faith in their judgement, or have they created mass doubt, like that which currently is afflicting my family member.

To begin with, the authorities have lied and censored the public from the beginning. They dictated the terms of the discussion, and did their best to demonize anyone with an alternative viewpoint down to the idea that the virus might have escaped from a laboratory, which they called “racist,” and a conspiracy theory.
Was it because Trump suggested the possibility, so reflexively it had to be opposed, because politics over reality; or to cover their own asses (Fauci image) for having likely funded the gain of function research. Probably a combination.

But the powers that be, did all they could to shut down any viewpoint. Take the Great Barrington Declaration, signed by many medical experts including a Noble Prize winner, which questioned the harsh lockdowns and favored a policy of what they called “focused protection” of high-risk populations such as the elderly or those with medical conditions.

Ion response to a reasonable suggestion, Fauci’s boss, Dr. Collins wrote: “This proposal from the three fringe epidemiologists . . . seems to be getting a lot of attention – and even a co-signature from Nobel Prize winner Mike Leavitt at Stanford. There needs to be a quick and devastating published take down of its premises. Is it underway?”

Is that science? Is that the discussion of ideas, or is that top down smashing of ideas and ruining the careers of your intellectual opponents. Now that said email has emerged, and you were proven wrong, you want me to continue to trust you?

Meanwhile, as the MRNA vaccine was being released, I was given a strike by YouTube for “medical misinformation” and my video taking down for stating that as the vaccine was so narrowly targeted to a specific part of the Covid 19 virus, that it would inevitably mutate to get around whatever protection might be offered. This is in stark contrast to the polio vaccine where the body’s immune system gets a blue print of the whole organism, thus small mutations might still not be enough.

Where is my apology for striking me, when time proved me correct?

And even after there were “breakthrough cases,” Biden assured you that if you take the vaccine you wouldn’t get Covid. He guaranteed you, the public, that it worked. Of course, the NPC’s, the Democrats deny this. No, he never said that, nobody did— but here is your receipt— (Biden Clip)

Well, wrong again. But as a dementia patient, perhaps he personally could be forgiven.

But then you shut down the economy, well, at least small businesses while allowing major corporations like Costco and Walmart to serve customers, transferring the clients that mom and pop stores earned over the years to them; how is that not big business interests getting a blowjob from the government.

Most insisted school children stay masked forever, that is if you even let them attend schools in person at behest of the teachers’ unions, who used the pandemic as an excuse not to work, and you condemned Michiganders protesting the fact that they weren’t even allowed to buy seeds to grow their own food during the pandemic, and their rights were being taken away, calling them medical terrorists as they peacefully protested outside the state’s capital, but approved of Black lives matter protests with 1000 times more people packed into tight places, calling it “necessary.”
And you want us to believe that it was about the “science?”

Look, all that creates doubt, and understandably so. The corruption of the woke ideologies upon our institutions are driving them into irrelevancy. Worse, again, why should anyone trust them?

But do the vaccines work? To answer that question, you had to change the definition of vaccine last year in order to keep the COVID-19 treatment in line with the dictionary definition.  But even after assuring us that we wouldn’t catch the disease, proven wrong, you continued to implore us the reason that even if you were a daredevil who jumps out of planes without a parachute, at least take it to prevent transmission to Grandma.

Well, turns out you can have an all vaccinated party and still hand out Covid.

So, what exactly have the authorities been right about?

It’s also Impossible to ignore the number of young athletes that are dropping dead or having an on field cardiac arrest. Do you remember this happening so frequently? And the authorities assure us, it’s rarely vaccine related. As I mentioned earlier,  even if that is true, you’ve lost my trust.

Pfizer wanted their data hid for 75 years, before being overruled by a court. What exactly are you hiding?

And you know a large part of the reason that I personally did not jump up and down to take the vaccine was because you assured us, that a new and novel product that had never been in existence before, was “safe.”

And if vaccine injury is truly rare, how many of you out there know somebody personally who has been negatively affected after having had the injection? I personally know four people, and that’s without thinking or asking too many.

How many do you know?

But it’s a new delivery system, going into a complex system, aka the body, and yet you know for sure it’s safe. Sounds like marketing to me.

Right now Pfizer and Moderna are attempting to get the Covid vax on the schools mandated list. And who can blame them, aside of increased profits, from all the podcasts I have listened to, once they are approved for such, the companies gain total immunity from lawsuits.

But, do they help the kids who seem almost immune to the predations of the disease, by the way, another statement that YouTube gave me a strike for in the past.
And I believe statistically this is right, yet you want to force this vaccine that at minimum carries risk on those who derive no benefit from taking it?

I mean, how clear is it that the only people that benefit from such a measure are the pharmaceutical companies peddling something they want mandated that the users being young children take only risk in taking.

And you can make a case that the drug companies are acting rationally by trying to maximize their profits. They are a soulless corporation, I can understand that. But the corrupt actors that censor people questioning, are they unable to see the writing on the wall and thus are swayed by the propaganda, or are they in their pockets?

So, who can blame concerned mothers for seeing the continual lies, broken promises, and the shifting goalposts, who are asked to expose their babies, their flesh and blood that they painfully birthed and breast fed, from not wanting them to put their children at risk for a jab that only shows to be increasing in the harm it causes, that provides no benefit to them.

And as long as you are changing the definition of vaccine, even as I tout the wonders that Jonas Salk brought to this world, who can blame them from conflating your presumed poison for children with all other vaccines, and hesitate to give them immunity to measles, mumps, pertussis, and polio.

I don’t have to agree with her to understand her fears, and for that I blame your dishonesty and greed. You don’t want to allow discussion of the ideas, you want to demonize those who think differently than you, and you are wrong wrong wrong, and you wonder why Mom’s are losing faith  in the institutions and specifically the medical industry.

And even if I disagree, I put the onus on you, and not them. And by now, it had better be clear why.


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