Bret Weinstein + Heather Heying Predict the Future of Higher Education

by | January 24, 2023

a University degree in social sciences, has not only ceased to be a marker for competence, but instead an indicator of their business potentially taking on a cyanide pill. 


videoBret Weinstein + Heather Heying Predict the Future of Higher Education

My wife and I have been arguing, and debating, as we represent two polar sides of the argument. We live overseas and she wants to send our kids to an accredited school, so that their education will automatically be recognized by colleges in the United States that they might want to attend. 

And I’m going to mention the following specifics only to show you how hard I have flipped— I, who came from an academic family whose parents went to school at MIT and Harvard, and I went through the University of California system, and I have zero desire for my children to go college. In fact, at this point I would outright discourage it.  

So, when two of my favorite podcasters, Bret and Heather Weinstein, were asked where they think high education will be ten years from now my interest got piqued. Let me show you what they said, and then I’ll be back. 

If i were to pay to send my kids to college it would only be at the anti-fragile University where they are interacting with other people that spur their intellectual development, that make them uncomfortable and force them to learn to stick up for their theories and opinions, or abandon them as they may have been lacking. 

You might still need to go to college to be in medicine, where first hand experience is necessary, but there is zero chance I will pay for their indoctrination in woke ideology and come back hating us and the opportunities we have worked so diligently to give them. 

I think virtually everything can be learned from YouTube videos, with the world’s best teachers playing on loop all over the world, which should bring the cost of learning the actual useful material down to 1/1000th of what it is now.
All the staff hired by the Universities, like those promoting the DIE program, (diversity inclusion and equity) are creating a cancer in our society that is spreading rapidly, and needs to be, forgive me, cancelled. 

But safe to say, that I agree, in their current state they will be starved for students by thinking parents like myself, and the fact that for an employer who wants to create an actual product, a University degree in social sciences, has not only ceased to be a marker for competence, but instead an indicator of their business potentially taking on a cyanide pill. 

I would RUN away from an applicant from Oberlin college today for example. 

So, either the higher education amputates their cancerous body parts, and then incinerates them and ships the ashes to the andromeda galaxy, a result I see as unlikely not because the technology hasn’t been hasn’t been created yet, because] Democrats will protect the woke indoctrination for much longer than the technology for interstellar takes to create.

Sure, Elon is working on it, but they have the Federal Reserve printing money to fund their destructive ideology.

And so I predict, we will have a divide in our society where the college graduates sneer at those who haven’t wasted taxpayer dollars to learn about gender theory, and those of us who do all we can to partition our lives and being away from such people. 

Fortunately, they’re already getting easier to spot. 

But that is why we are having people that produce, make money, have businesses, leaving the states being driven by woke ideology like California and New York, and already beginning the process of separating like oil and water.

But I agree with the general assessment these two college professors make, and I will be telling my son, “Learn that on YouTube, or take a trip to South East Asia or Africa and see how most people on the planet still live and gain some appreciation for the bounty that Western Civilization has brought humanity, and appreciate and learn how it was created, rather than being indoctrinated by those who are trying to tear down and poison the very structures and ideas that have created it, and given human beings such bounty. 


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