An Ode to my Democrat Friends who CANCELLED Me for Politics

by | April 9, 2024

And now it’s years later, and you haven’t spoken to them, as they undoubtedly justify their actions by trashing you, to themselves, to other mutual friends, because your views don’t conform to the new, hardcore overton window that allows less and less light in through its panes daily. 

video: An Ode to my Democrat Friends who CANCELLED Me for Politics

How many of you out there have had people you were close to, that have canceled their friendships with you, because your views were, according to them, “over-the-top,” or Version thereof.

Did it sting a little when they dropped you, or when they publicly aired their grievances with you, in what previously would have been unimaginable?

And now it’s years later, and you haven’t spoken to them, as they undoubtedly justify their actions by trashing you, to themselves, to other mutual friends, because your views don’t conform to the new, hardcore overton window that allows less and less light in through its panes daily.

So everybody might relate to my feelings, as I expressly tell two former friends, who I’ve known for years and years, let’s call them for purposes of anonymity, Nick G and Carrie R …. No, too obvious, let’s say that say N Greene and C Reinegal … yes, that will do it.

To Mr. Greene, as I shifted away from the Democrat plantation as the party became more radical, your views continued to shift with the leftist herd.

What were my formerly left of center views, like government not interfering with speech under virtually any circumstance, were suddenly were deemed to be “right wing,” after all, we were in the middle of a pandemic.

And even as I altered my stance of relative neutrality on the second amendment; precipitated by seeing the police side with rioters against business and property owners, and the need to defend oneself against violent criminals who are still today running amuck in blue cities, released without bail, over and over again, murderers and rapists early from prison, all the while the media and Democratic party denigrated me as an “oppressor” because of my skin color, you told me my altered stance on 2A was hateful, represented a lack of compassion, and that I would be complicit in mass shootings.

When I suggested in May 2020, that it might be a good time to buy stock in gun manufacturers, you questioned my morality.

Frankly, I think it immoral to want people castrated from defending themselves from thugs and criminals, and an overreaching government, an image that becomes clearer by the day.

At the height of BLM riots, I quoted a 2019 FBI statistic, that blacks commit 52% of all murders in the United States while representing 13% of the population, your immediate refrain was to call me a “white nationalist.”

I suppose citing a statistic is not the most egregious thing anyone has been deemed a racist for, I mean, I’m sure there’s somebody that stated that planting roses is a racist activity, but aren’t you an “educated” person.

Just because the statistic does not fit the victimhood  narrative, that’s being driven home by the state apparatus, and those wishing to divide us. Therefore, any counterargument to this, is automatically labeled “racist” and to be rejected by the leftist.

And the last time I spoke with you, apparently, my view that abortion decisions are best decided on the state level, per the constitution, was the straw that broke the camels back.

The propaganda and drilled into the minds of the American populous, by the Democrat Echo chamber severely weakened the proverbial camel, but for you, this was the final straw.

While I am conscientiously in the pro-life camp, I understand that there should be exceptions as in rape and incest, and maybe even up to three months, so I’m not an extremist.

My shift in these matters evolved, especially after having almost lost my daughter in her first two weeks of life, and seeing her grow into a healthy, strong young girl.

And for these reasons, you chose to give up on an eight year friendship. just like that, communication ceased. Sometimes I wonder whether or not you died, went crazy, or are that parasitized by the woke mind virus. Frankly, I’m not sure which to cheer for.

As for Carrie, the fact that I spoke out against BLM and Antifa, and came around on President Trump, made me persona non-grata to you.

How dare I criticize an organization that stole the funds that were given to them to pay for dinners and mansions, that did nothing for the black population, that rioted, and was completely divisive in America,  but in fairness, the very tippy top of the organization gained economically.

How dare I speak out against antifa as they spread hatred, destroy property, kill individuals, like Aaron Danielson in Portland, and do all they can to demoralize and destroy the police, who although imperfect, do a fairly good job of keeping law in order in our country.

But hey, for speaking out against these groups, that was not within the Overton window, antifa, really? I was canceled.

Yes, because Trump, according to you, was the “terrorist,” not those who burn down clinics that tried to convince individuals against getting an abortion, who offered them hope and services.

I haven’t spoken to either of you in two years; how do you like the country today?

Are we better off? Do you enjoy seeing the political prosecution of your leading political opponent, finding fraud in real estate when there was no victim, when the banks were paid back, as they try to bankrupt him?

Trying to send him to jail, creating a false insurrection, tampering with the election in 2020.

Is there more free speech or less?

How are your woke jurisdictions doing after allowing criminals to steal $950 without being prosecuted, and putting good, lawful, hard-working people out of business.

But at least you removed Trump from Office with the riots of 2020, right,  concocting, false narratives about Trump, and rigging the election, by for example  hiding the Hunter Biden laptop story, which I know at least one of you denied forever.

And every attempt to keep him out of office is justified because he truly is the biggest threat, not those who were cracking down on free speech, our first amendment, every single thing that has made America, great, allowing squatters to hold onto properties that are not theirs.

Of course, in order to protect democracy, you have to disenfranchise 50% of voters in the nation. In order to protect America, you have to destroy everything that made it great, and that means not speaking to anybody with a different viewpoint. How dare a lefty even entertain a different idea?

Are we better off as a country, are you better off having cut off interaction with not only me, but I’m sure others who have developed different beliefs and paradigm of the world. Because we are brave enough to express it publicly, does not mean that we don’t feel pain from former friends cutting the cord that we spent time, energy, and care to build.

Your treatment of me, represents the device in America today, where we are no longer able to talk, to debate, to see things differently, and still be friendly with each other. And sadly, most of it comes from your side of the political aisle. Just because I jumped ship, makes me persona non grata.

As the old expression states, it says more about you, then it does about me. Wishing you well, and hoping that maybe one day your views will shift, and if they do, feel free to call me, just make sure you include an apology.


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