Warren Buffett- Don’€™t Swing the Investing Bat Unless you Know

by | November 8, 2017 | 0 comments

Jim Cramer pounding the table about stock after stock. The noise of the 24 hour news cycle. What do? Follow Warren Buffett’s advice. The Oracle of Omaha.

So much noise surrounding investing. So many analysts yelling this and that, Jim Cramer pounding the table about stock after stock, which he has only cursory knowledge of, and here you’re tasked with making investment decisions for your nest egg amidst the din.

Of course, success leaves clues, and here Warren Buffett explains why you should be very selective when you take your swings at the proverbial investment plate.

Take your time, analyze, and really know what you are buying and WHY. A rule of thumb, which Peter Lynch (a highly successful fund manager) espoused years ago, start with a company whose product you like, investigate, and go from there.


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