The NY Times No Longer the Gold Standard of Journalism after Smearing Lefty Cenk Uygur- Trump was Right about FAKE NEWS

by | December 18, 2019

My coming to the defense of Cenk, is in deference to VERITAS (aka truth) and a warning of how hard it is to build something of value, and how quickly we can tear it down.

The NY Times recently published article about Bernie Sanders retracting his endorsement of Cenk Uygur, adding in that when the “Young Turk” interviewed White Supremacist David Duke on his show, and Duke claimed he wasn’t a racist, Cenk responded, “No, of course not.”

VIDEO: SAD DAY- The NY Times Proves itself to be Fake News. Watch/share + subscribe

I’m sure the entire  NY Times’ stable house of progressive reporters has seen Cenk’s show more than I have, but I’ve watched him enough to shove all my chips on the “Cenk sarcastic” square without needing one more iota of context. Of course, in the interests of decency, I watched his interview with Duke.

It’s clear he being glib and dismissive the entire interview in his un-funny, sardonic Cenk way.

You can likely guess I’m not a big fan of the guy. He’s a dishonest broker who did almost the same thing that Times did to him by taking Sam Harris’s comments about Islam completely out of context and lying about him, referring to him as “Scam” Harris, after Sam sat down with him on his show for 3 hours and cogently laid out his position.

So my coming to the defense of Cenk, is in deference to VERITAS (aka truth) and a warning of how hard it is to build something of value, and how quickly we can tear it down.

The NY Times used to be the GOLD STANDARD of journalism. If it was printed in the Times I believed it. The publication was synonymous with truth in my mind.

And in today’s hyper polar politicized world, I continue to look for sources where I can get what is as close to an accurate, unbiased description of what took place as taking time to check various sources is tedious.

Perhaps it was in the past that the Times held exactly the same low standards of reporting and it wasn’t as easy to cross reference, but doggone it if I didn’t TRUST the Times with all my heart.

beacon of truth

beacon of truth that once was the NY Times

But repeatedly the Times has taken statements completely out of context, played into identity politics by attempting to polarize the country along racial lines, and misreported stories. From the Covington Kids smears, to running stories using here-say about Brett Kavanaugh’s, to the their taking Trump’s statements about MS-13 out of context and stating that Trump was referring to all immigrants when he used the word “animals” in reference to a gang whose motto is ‘kill, rape, control’

There are numerous other examples of such activity, but this absolute smear and lie of Cenk Uygur (after according to Cenk, he had sent the reporter in question the interview before the article was completed) is just another lead foot added to the drowning body of this former beacon of truth in the river of lies.

It takes so much time to build a reputation, a brand, and once you attain such a lofty position, that gives you a real competitive advantage over other entities that for both economic and personal reasons, members of said organization would, from a game theoretical standpoint, want to protect it almost all costs, but for some reason the editors and employees of NY Times seem determined to allow their political leanings/desires to destroy everything this once proud American institution stood for.

It is a sad day for me, and should be a sad day for America as a whole.


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