Why Conservatives will WIN Despite Polling; Be Silent in Public to Avoid Backlash. Vote AGAINST Woke

by | December 27, 2019

A recent experience I had demonstrating how the left believes themselves to be so morally superior that they can publicly state out loud they “hate everything you believe,”

Leftists believe themselves to be so morally superior that they can publicly state (and loudly) they “hate everything you believe,” rather than debate your ideas, attempting to cancel your argument in what is essentially an ad-hominem attack. (See video below for description)
The attack was not all that different than Hilary Clinton calling Trump supporters “deplorables,” a move that helped cost her the 2016 election.
However, the recurrence of such actions are why many people with libertarian/conservative leanings will stay silent publicly, while becoming more steadfast in their views, and then vote with zeal against the left side of the aisle.

VIDEO: Don’t believe the polls

In a game theoretical calculation, why speak out earnestly about one’s views and then experience the mocking disdain from someone unwilling/unable to debate the ideas, but wants to judge you for, in this case of the video above, stating a fact. If you believe it unlikely  someone is mentally flexible enough to so much as listen to your view with an open mind, much less convince them to your argument- Best to stay quiet.

The truth is I like to think myself a classical liberal, I just feel like the Democrats have gone radioactive on me.
I want to engage in a debate of ideas and allow myself to be persuaded by an idea better than mine, or vice-versa. It actually excites me to go through a change of mind, because my paradigm of the world continues to become sharper by such efforts, and I’ll allow good ideas to morph it again and again.
I don’t have all the answers, but I have something to add to the debate. When others shut down that conversation, we fail to grow as a society. We stagnate and start to divide along ideological lines. Our society functions best when we are able to debate ideas in the open, when we don’t shut others down for having a different opinion, but rather debating it.
Unfortunately, with the way leftists interact with people with a heterodox view, it seems that most of us on the other side of the aisle will once again surprise them by express our thoughts in the voting booth.


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