General Qasem Soleimani for Democratic Nominee! Here are the Reasons to Vote Him in!

by | January 12, 2020

As a Democrat, I admire his firm Anti-America position, similarly held by leaders in our party such as Ilhan Omar, AOC, and even …

WATCH VIDEOWhy the Democrats should nominate General Qasem Soleimani


General Qasem Soleimani –  IS the candidate, we, as Democrats, both deserve and need to beat the Orange Man in the 2020 election.

I of course am a huge fan and advocate, and will stop at nothing to get him to top of the Democratic ticket!  Of course, that relies on me convincing my fellow leftists, so let’s break down where he stands on the issues–

As a Democratic candidate I admire his firm Anti-America position, similarly held by leaders in our party such as Ilhan Omar, AOC, and even Bernie Sanders. All my fellow progressives know America is The Great Satan worldwide, but Soleimani has had the courage and conviction to shout it for decades!

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He has served at a high level in the armed forces in Middle East combat. That means the Republicans can’t call him a pansy, or someone who doesn’t know what conflict is like.

Solemeini is a minority. In fact a Muslim. This of course, by it’s very nature, makes him superior to most of the other candidates still in the field, except for Elizabeth Warren, who is probably the most honest of the remaining candidates, and a full blooded Native American. She’s the one candidate I fear.

Solemeini is against any American involvement in the Middle East. This will save the US taxpayers tons of money. He has every desire and will work tirelessly to dismantle the US military machine.

He wants to advance the cause of the aggrieved and persecuted Islamists around the world. …. which is good, because we all know that their religion is one of peace, and they’re completely reasonable in all their demands. When Charlie Hebdo in France, satirizes Islam, then of course the editors had the attack perpetrated on them coming. You cannot provoke the Religion of Peace in such a way and expect no measures to be taken against you.
When Denmark publishes a physical depiction of the Prophet Mohammed, it’s only natural that a this slighted group might lash out violently to comic. Solemeini will stand up against Islamophobes and help make the world more equitable for them, finally.

I admit his stance on LGBT issues isn’t down with the typical Democrat, after all  Iran executes gay people, but putting it in perspective and reframe it, he will likely garner a greater percentage of the of the black vote than Mayor Pete, will which is vital for the Democrats to win the general election.

From everything I read, he is a HUGE supporter of nuclear energy! He wants to get his hands on as much nuclear fuel as possible and use it, or something like that. . This means a reduction in carbon emissions, and separates him from dishonest candidates who want to “solve” climate change, but are against the one energy source that produces massive amounts of energy around the clock, with zero CO2 emissions.

The truth is he is a man of stature and great confidence, and is our best shot to defeat the incumbent orange and turn him into juice. General Qasem Soleimani, you are the hero the Democrats deserve.


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