Leftists Continue to Seek Control Over Our Lives- Hairstyle Bill in Washington State is Intellectually Bereft- Here’s why

by | February 1, 2020

Let people pay the price for their racism/stupidity/whatever else. We DO NOT NEED more laws telling us what we can and cannot do.

VIDEO: As long as we protect hairstyle, why not ALL tattoos by law as well

The leftist drive to control our lives continues.

Under a Washington State bill in an effort to shut down supposed to shut down “discrimination” despite laws already on the books preventing such, that doesn’t mean politicians don’t want to double down on their virtue signaling, and their efforts to control peoples’ lives.
In this case lawmakers are targeting bill, HB 2602, would amend the section covering race to include “hair texture and protective hairstyles.” Examples listed in the bill include Afros, braids, dreadlocks, and twists; which are all artistic and personal choices.

Rebuttal; to the Insanity

First of all in a free market people should be allowed to associate/hire with who they want, for whatever reason, and suffer the consequences if your prejudice causes you to miss out on hiring the talented and smart people with dreads, afro, or a shaved head, leaving them to benefit your competitor.
Your business goes under because you made a decision based on the wrong factors. It’s economic survival of the fittest, and you pay the price for prejudice.  That’s the way it should be. Let people pay the price for their racism/stupidity/whatever else.
We DO NOT NEED more laws telling us what we can and cannot do.

Secondly, as long as we are barring people from deciding against hairstyles they find unflattering, that also means a leftist business, could get sued for not hiring someone with shall we say, an “Orange” (Trumpist) hairstyle.

And what about tattoos?
Also an artistic choice. And don’t tell me that it is less of a choice than hairstyle. Dreadlocks are a pain in the ass and not so easy to maintain, yet there is an attempt to protect them here.
If we apply the same law to tats, that means a black owned or Jewish owned business could be sued by white supremacists adorned with swastikas for not hiring them, based on “discrimination” for their “artistic” choice. And the same would be true for a MS-13 gang-member who would get instant employment based on fear of getting sued.

He’ll sue you for discriminating against his artistic choices- and the left will support him doing so
Peace? or transphobic sign for two genders?

What about merely an “OK sign” tattoo in the future or a peace sign with two fingers up, that in the near future will be deemed “NOT BE OKAY” by leftists as it signifies the fact that there are only two genders; which is of course true, but why let that get in the way of the post modernistic ethos that there are no subjective truths, only power, which is exactly what this bill is attempting to enact.

False equivalency you say?
No, not really. People choose their hairstyle, they choose their tattoos, you get to be the one to decide if you like it or not, and as previously stated, if you discriminate against a talented person because of a preconceived notion of them, then you’re the one who misses out, in whatever capacity that might be.

The reason I am so passionate, and take the time to fight against this complete lack of logic called wokeness is because it is a faster and faster growing cancer invading our psyche and lives. Sanity and clear thinking are the only chemotherapeutic agent that will counter it.|


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