Bernie Sanders Defense of Cuban Literacy Rates is Proof He Loves Communism- Would he Defend Hitler for building the Autobahn?

by | March 7, 2020

If someone asked BERNIE about the Nazis, would he for a moment bring up the autobahn as being good?

Bernie Sanders, Democratic front runner, recently doubled and tripled down on Fidel Castro’s regime, while he decries the authoritarian nature of it, it wasn’t all bad because he improved literacy rates in the country by, from what I have read, 10%.

Many people are defending Bernie, calling him intellectually honest, and why can we not discern that bad people/regimes, can also do good things.

Video: Bernie Sander’s defense of Communism in high res vs. low resolution

Sadly, this analysis misses the point by a long shot.

Bernie is demonstrating his inability to distance himself from Communism as he defends it in his own way because of his internal love affair for the murderous ideology.

If someone asked BERNIE about the Nazis, would he for a moment bring up the autobahn as being good? NO, I would wager $1000 on that statement.

Then we ask ourselves, why is he defending a brutal authoritarian regime over a small thing like literacy rates? WHY? That’s the question. You want to go super high resolution and concentrate on literacy rates, yeah, he’s right, there is an uptick, or figure out what is actually going on by avoiding going down that road, and looking at what is going on in the old man’s brain from a higher vantage point?

That is the take away. It demonstrates what is going on in Bernie’s brain. He claims he’s not a Communist, but he is. The sympathies are displayed in the same way a mother will defend the memory of her son, the murderer. But she wouldn’t defend someone else’s boy.

And most Americans view the political process in a low resolution manner. They don’t pour over facts, analyze everything down to the minutia. Most people are too busy working, or with their families, and that’s why there will be such pushback to Bernie’s statement.

(Update: it basically cost Bernie the nomination. For those of you who think Bernie is a smart man, …. not so much)


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