Mr. Brightside vs Covid-19 – The Top 10 Positives of The Coronavirus

by | March 22, 2020

5.  An invite from someone you aren’t fond of. “I’m practicing social distancing.”

Video: Mr. Brightside takes on the Corona Virus. top 10 positives


Coronavirus got you down? Let’s turn that frown upside down. Mr Brightside is is here with the top 10 positives of the coronavirus.


10.  It’s finally your turn to yell at your parents if they attempt to leave the house. “You’re grounded Dad.”

9.  CoronaVirus– it’s retarded global warming. 

8.  With social distancing enacted, nerds feel like they belong. Says Nerdlinger, “ I’m well ahead of the curve on that one.“

7.  It has helped ease congestion in major cities. I mean in terms of traffic.

6.  Your grandfather told you stories of landing on the beaches of Normandy in 1944, you’re forced to sit on your couch and watch Netflix. Finally, a story of heroism you’ll be able to to pass on to your grandkids.

5.  You don’t have to ghost someone anymore, just say “I’m practicing social distancing.”

4.  With major losses in all asset classes, Leftists have finally found an effective avenue to reduce wealth inequality.

3.   You finally have a legitimate excuse not to go to the gym. Stock up on donuts. 

2. Self righteous, narcissistic SJW‘s are more worried about catching the coronavirus, than canceling somebody for incorrect pronoun usage. Free speech makes a comeback.

1. China can finally claim they created something new and novel, rather than having stolen it from America. 

It’s unfair to say Xi looks Exactly like Winnie the Pooh.


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