Manufactured Racism Poisoning + Desensitizing America with FAKE hate Crimes ; Bubba Wallace Noose

by | June 28, 2020

The culture of the left is so toxic today, we are so anxious to find racism, our place in victimhood culture, and gain the social media points associated,

video: Manufactured Racism Poisoning + Desensitizing America with FAKE hate Crimes ; Bubba Wallace Noose

One ingredient we can point to in the recipe of today’s ongoing American Civil War is the manufactured racism.

Fake hate crimes are are a big part of the ammunition used by the left side of the aisle, which is thrown about with abandon like confetti on New Year’s Eve, intoxicating the intellectual lightweights, and never cleaned up when they turn out to be false cries of wolf.

The latest is Bubba Wallace, the NASCAR driver who claimed that someone had left a noose in his garage before the race.

My immediate reaction is given the fact that they store million dollar cars there, security must’ve been really tight, assuredly they must’ve had cameras. At least this time, nobody would be so stupid to fake it,

There’s no way that Bubba Wallace, would be committing Juicy Smollyay Deuax …

So the FBI sends out 15 agents to investigate this alleged crime. A fantastic use of their resources considering the fact that we have domestic terrorism going on in the form of antifa, looters, plots against America in general, but nevertheless, they’re going to get to the bottom of this, they’re going to catch the perpetrator.

And what they discover, from looking at the video tapes, is the fact that the pull rope on the garage had been tied like that since last year, and whoever devised the knot had no way of knowing that the sole black driver in all of NASCAR would be pulling his automobile into the garage seven months later.

Of course the usual suspects went through the motions of declaring how awful America is, how racist we are.

They do this for every single time there’s a hate crime, excuse me, fake hate crime. The aforementioned Juicysmollyay, the Covington kids, to the Michigan trans activist Nikki Jolley accused of burning down his/her own house to raise awareness of how despicable the public is in their relationships towards trans peoples.It worked.

The list could go on, and I’m reticent to add Bubba Wallace to the list, after all, he had no way of knowing that the the rope had been there since November without seeing the tape, so it’s not like he planted the evidence.

However, when confronted with the surveillance video tape and the FBI investigation, he still doubles down.

I also have a BIG problem with the fact that he it was only reported that there was a noose in the garage.

Why not include the fact that it was pull rope? That seems to be a pretty vital part of the narrative, that the rope was there to serve a function. It definitely waters down the narrative, almost like you’re hoping that it isn’t investigated, and if it is, it’s just an accidental omission.

Like if I yank a girl’s arm hard and someone reports me for physical assault to the police, assuming there are any left when this happens, but omitting that I was pulling her out of the way of an oncoming train.

I have to ask again, why was that part omitted when released to the press. Why was it only reported as a “noose in a garage?” originally.  

And then Bubba Wallace doubling down on his interview with the Lemon on CNN, is someone insisting on their narrative, after the FBI said it wasn’t directed at him. Like they wish it was actually a hate crime?? … sorry if it seem like I ended that in a question mark, of course they do!

The culture of the left is so toxic today, we are so anxious to find racism, our place in victimhood culture, and gain the social media points associated, that Bubba Wallace is yet another another another another example of how we search for racism, how we search for evil and the negative.

Does racism exist, sure, but the embers of it, prior to the last few years were dying down. Now one side of the fire is raging, the left side of the fire. They are literally stoking the flames of racism, turning over the logs, trying to set the mostly dormant logs on the right ablaze so they can have some grand confrontation, prove that America is supremely racist, tear down the structures of America.

This is undoubtedly what is percolating through our society, where being a victim is valued. It is what is being infused into our children. The 1619 project, which won a Pulitzer Prize, despite being riddled with historical in accuracies pointed out by many scholars, Will be taught in the upcoming school year to grade school students.

A false narrative, false facts, that our republic was founded on slavery and racism.

And even the slavery and Jim Crowe existed, which is an important historical fact, does not represent the change that has taken hold in America, and how far we’ve come as a nation. Do we remind our loved one’s of the trangressions they’ve committed against us over and over? To start a fight? To bring them down? Or do we do our best to move on in peace?

Yet when you’re taught that you’re a victim, when oppression points become valued currency, why should we be surprised when a successful, good looking, NASCAR driver, goes out of his way to not only find a “hate crime” but to double down on his findings despite the FBI investigation that proved there was a zero percent chance of it being a hate crime?

And all this does is further poison the well. How many people will hear about this in passing, and use it as data to confirm their feelings of America being horrid? These fake hate crimes have an effect because the media blitzes their coverage of them to gain revenue from the outrage, and barely even goes back to corrects the story. Mea culpas? Not a chance.

It’s not the individual story, it’s the piling of them one on top of the other. It’s the fake cries of WOLF WOLF WOLF, and there being nothing ghosts, as in this case, or maliciousness fraud as in Juicy.
The effects are either desensitization for the public from when the predators really arrive, or for the neurotic already looking for something to be aggrieved about, screaming, ANOTHER WOLF, ANOTHER WOLF!!

How many consecutive times have these stories been fakeroos? How long has the media stuck with their narrative and never bent over backward to correct itself?
And continuing to breathe on the dying embers, continuing to stoke the racist fire, don’t be surprised when the whole system that has afforded us safety and opportunity and social cohesion, burns down.
But maybe that was the point all along?


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