They KNOW ALL + Don’t Let NEW Facts or Context Sway them one Bit. The Dark Side of the Force.

by | August 9, 2020

The analogy that I use is are dots on a piece of paper. You can grasp a rudimentary image from a few dots, but you’re missing out on the context.

video: They KNOW ALL + Don’t Let NEW Facts or Context Sway them one Bit. The Dark Side of the Force.

In today’s fast-paced Internet, mind swarm activated world, there seems to be immense pressure, to echo the mainstream narratives, to follow suit with your friends in condemning the latest outrage, despite circumstantial evidence at best.

Juicy Smollyay, the Covington Kids, being prime examples.

We’ve all made this mistake at some point.

I just want to be consciously aware of mine.

The analogy that I use is are dots on a piece of paper. You can grasp a rudimentary image from a few dots, but you’re missing out on the context.
Context in this case- the more dots you have on the page, the more data, the more complete the picture is.

Today’s media wants to present a couple of points on the canvas and get you  to swallow the narrative they give as to what those dots mean, that’s their goal, and then you project out this photo image that has been placed in your head, echo their verbal narrative, and embed it in your mind as fact.

But, if you wait for the complete picture, you’re deemed a bootlicker, or one lacking any mental capability to discern what to them is a complete picture.

The truth is, it is the reverse. It is those who swallowed the picture presented immediately that are to put euphemistically, unwise, and impatient.

Just as a quick example, let’s say there’s a two second video clip of your friend holding a gun and shooting it at someone who keels over and dies. If this is all you see, then he’s a cold-blooded murder in your mind. But then you zoom out a little bit, and add the context that it’s on his property. You add that bit of data, the image starts to become less one-sided.

Then you add in video tape of the man who was shot had in his possession a gas can, matches, and other materials and was actively committing arson, about to burn down the entire house.

Then you show earlier in the video tape that this person boarded up all exits so his family couldn’t escape, as the Portland rioters tried to do at the Federal courthouse.

Once again, you’re gaining a more complete picture, and at some point you can make your decision. But CNN, assuming that it was a Black Lives Matter, would only show you the clip of the protester being shot, because they are intentionally giving you an incomplete picture, so that you imbibe and spread their narrative.

Context, adds necessary detail to the narrative, color to the picture.

I made the mistake of categorically stating that George Floyd had been heinously murdered when I originally saw the publicly available footage. I actually shed tears for the man.

Now, leaked video tape adds more context to what took place. Floyd states that he could not breathe before they put them on the ground, and specifically requested that he not be placed in the car, that he’s claustrophobic, to put him on the ground. He was clearly high and erratic, on a cocktail of drugs, including fentanyl, which when you OD causes cardio pulmonary arrest, as described in the autopsy.

The point is, regardless of whether or not the officer in question should have been leaning on his neck for as long as he did, which still in my mind he was completely wrong in doing, let me make that clear are you woke scolds, the added data, the added dots in the picture creates context and undermines the prosecution filing charges of second-degree murder, the intent to kill.

Most of all it detracts the leaked video adds context which disproves the narrative pushed by the left, that it was a racist act. There is no demonstrable racism here, just a series of unfortunate events, including the fact that Floyd was on a cocktail of illicit substances, which unfortunately resulted in the man’s death.

Had this video been made publicly available it would have greatly limited the riots which ensued, the division of our society, and the rise of an evil Marxist organization.

Because we would have had the added data, the added dots in the picture, the added context.

The biggest tragedy are the people that refuse to update, to refresh the image they have of the event in their mind. They ascribe one meaning, generally the narrative knowingly pushed by the leftist media, and continue down the warpath with that in mind.

I’ll share one of the times I made this mistake, I purchased General Electric stock, and even as new evidence came in of The company being in far worse shape than I could’ve imagined, I ignored it, and the stock continued to drop.

Facts don’t care about your feelings, and I have a huge loss to show for stubbornly clinging to my false narrative.

Yet, today I try to learn and adapt my analysis based on new evidence that is brought to the forefront. Those new dots on a picture that help complete the image.

Although most of my leftists friends have discarded me forever for my steadfast refusal to join the Darkside of the force, making social distancing incredibly easy, I still have a couple who have stuck around to tell me the abandonment of my original pronouncement “cold-blooded murder” makes me a white nationalist and someone to be pitied before I am cast overboard to the circling sharks.

I think just the reverse. The inability to update one’s opinion given new data, as we’re all guilty of at some time, makes for less desirable outcomes for one’s personal life, as well as for our entire society.

The left is so attached to the orange man bad Narrative that the media has intentionally painted for us, they are unwilling to incorporate any data which might confront this paradigm.

And our America is suffering as a result.

I firmly believe that as a nation, as individuals, we must evaluate the added pixels in the photo as they come into being, and try to evaluate the picture for what it truly is, rather than stop at the few dots that the main stream media feeds us, and says look at this horrific picture we have for you, “America is such a racist, intolerant place.”

That’s my encouragement for all of us who might have the tendency to cling to a narrative.
Really take a look at the limited data sets that drive your narrative, and attain more, and Step away from the Darkside of the force, before we end up in a 1984 Orwellian dystopia which we are well down the road in becoming.


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