SAY THEIR NAME! Democrats Gaslight Public, Call Antifa a Myth- Scorched Earth

by | September 7, 2020

They put their hands over their their ears when citizens cry out in pain over losing their businesses, savings, and sweat equity when their businesses are looted and razed.

video: SAY THEIR NAME! Democrats Gaslight Public, Call Antifa a Myth- Scorched Earth

As they gaslight the public, Democratic politicians  assuming that you are both blind and deaf.

That was the senator of Hawaii, Maisie “Dim” Hirono, who like most democratic politicians refuses to acknowledge the existence of Antifa. This is a repeated practice by her Party.
The question I want to answer, is WHY?

Why do they refuse to even acknowledge the existence of this group who have rioted for 100 days, blinded federal officers with lasers, tried to Burn police officers alive by using quick-drying cement on the precinct doors and turning it ablaze.
They’ve also successfully killed people, and made life absolutely untenable for the public. Why do they call Antifa a myth?

The answer frankly is very simple. Because whoever is in charge, gets blamed for the unrest. Once blame is laid, the public will demand change, and the Democrats hope to ride the wave of discontentment into the white house.

It’s why they intentionally turn a blind eye to these people that are making life a living hell for small businesses and people around the country.

And given the broad efforts to stay silent, to deny the existence of this BLM-antifa group, continuing to cover for them publicly, defending them, winking at them, and nearly 100% of Democratic politicians following suit, this must be a top down edict from the DNC.

See no evil, hear no evil.
But do make sure to bail your nihilistic pawns out of prison as they have repeatedly done, with Kamala Harris actively asking for donations for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, so they can promptly continue destruction of the city of Minneapolis.
Similar actions have taken place in many Democratically held cities, New York, Portland, Dallas, amongst others, including intentional non-prosecution of nightly offenders.
The public has rules of engagement for the safety of everyone, with the power of violence and law enforcement siding with the state.
When the Powers that be intentionally refuse to enforce the law, excusing their pawns from prosecution, it raises the specter of militias and citizens taking the law into their own hands. That’s already taking place.

It’s a poorly calculated chess move, an attempt to take down the opposition’s King at the cost of burning down large swaths of the American chess board, with the remaining opposition believing you intend to utterly finish the job of destroying our country after the election, and the relative peace and prosperity America has worked so hard to earn and maintain, all in the name of “justice and equity.”
But, in fairness, the goal of destruction of America is outrightly stated by these groups  (death to America)

They’re just being encouraged to and rewarded for doing so by the brazen inequity of application of the rules.

The Democrats are actively engaging in Destroying America.

They put their hands over their their ears when citizens cry out in pain over losing their businesses, savings, and sweat equity when their businesses are looted and razed.

They actively attempt to destroy the bonds we have fostered that unite us, by promoting critical race theory and calling all those who question the dogma as racists, cancelling them, getting them fired, creating intentional pain, as a warning to others who don’t follow suit.
They are intentionally shining a bad light upon law enforcement officers, turning them into villains.

While 99% of officers are decent people trying to protect the public peace, The left side of the aisle intentionally disrespects them, tries to demoralized them, and makes their jobs impossible to do.

You know WHY we have police. Because people break the law as it is, they de-incentivize others from following suit and turning our nation into a warlord infested Somalia.

When you allow and encourage a group to destroy local businesses, people take notice. When you tell the police to stand down, and do nothing, to vacate their precinct to avoid a fight from dogmatic individuals wishing to enslave us all under the communist ideology, people see the fire burning from far away.

When we are eternally called racist and vile for daring to question their motives, the cacophonous accusations reach the ears of the population at large.

And you think that we don’t notice your complicity in these events? That you turn a blind eye to them, that you won’t call them out by name. Do you think that the public is so stupid they don’t understand after months of this, your intentions of creating discord in America?

You’re craving and desire for power is so great, you would turn a fertile land of mostly peaceful 300 million people living with freedoms, into a barren land of hatred amidst your scorched earth policy.

No thought to the rules, no efforts to be honest, just advance and grab the reigns of power, sacrificing not only your chump pawns in the process, but that which you wish to rule over too.


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