“If Biden Wins, Trump Supporters will be Hunted” – FALSE it’s Already Happening

by | September 18, 2020

The antipathy towards the right is real, and increasing in its intensity and morphing into what they believe is justified physical violence. Not unlike the trajectory of the spiral of hatred against the Jews during the Third Reich.

video: “If Biden Wins, Trump Supporters will be Hunted” – FALSE it’s Already Happening

Do you think that Trump supporters are hiding, remaining silent and camouflaged, as Leftists start the hunt.

Scott Adams said not too long ago that if Biden wins the Presidency, Trump supporters would be hunted. (laugh track)

He was wrong, It’s already taking place.

And I mean that literally. The Antifa murderer in Portland laid in wait for Patriot Prayer member Aaron Danielson. Moments before the shooting, someone yelled “we got a couple Trumpers right here.”

At Danielson’s wake, another BLM-Antifa member intentionally ran over a Trump supporter with his car, putting him in the hospital with severe trauma in what was assuredly an attempted murder.

Before this, BLM-Antifa accosted people as they were leaving the Republican National Convention.

They surrounded Senator Rand Paul, who credits police presence with his survival, as they yelled,  “say her name,” referring to Breonna Taylor,  which of course is tremendously ignint on their part, given the fact that ran Paul is the senator behind the bill to end no-knock warrants, which is partly to blame for Ms. Taylor’s death.

And founder of the walk-away movement, Brandon Straka, was also accosted by BLM antifa for the crime of being a Trump supporter. Straka, who is gay, was also called racial slurs by the oh so tolerant leftists. Take note any LGBT watchers out there.

Numerous people have been violently attacked for wearing Make America Great Again hats spit at, disrespected, and berated. Say something positive about Trump on social media, and watch the vitriol roll-in, de-friended, called a bad person, etc.

It’s to actually dangerous to be a public supporter of Donald Trump and the Republican party today.
Am I wrong, comment, tell me? I think every single person out there is going to identify with that statement as being reality.

I used to be central left in my political orientation, and during those lean intellectual years, my friends on the center-right always politely listened to my views, and then explained to me their own thinking on the subject.

As the Democratic Party has abdicated the ethos of true liberalism that I adhered to, and I use its original definition which is believing in the rights of the individual.

Specifically for me it was free speech, the bedrock of our democracy which the Left is chipping away air with fervor. They desire to move us towards collectivism, racial division, and have more and more control of our thoughts and lives. That’s why I have left the Democratic Party.
While I received kindness and rationality from my friends on the center right when we disagreed, my views today are deemed unconscionable, stupid, and racist by my friends who still speak a few words to me from the left.

The antipathy towards the right is real, and increasing in its intensity and morphing into what they believe is justified physical violence. Not unlike the trajectory of the spiral of hatred against the Jews during the Third Reich.

It stems from a function of the moral superiority inbred into the left. They truly believe that they are the gracious, kind, tolerant people, despite all evidence to the contrary.

I have a three-year-old, and if I had to have him teleported to a random spot in the United States, and had to dress him in either a blue hat reading “Joe Biden,” or a red MAGA hat, and be forced to pray on the kindness of strangers to take care of him, no matter what my political leanings, I’m putting a Biden hat on him.

If he lands in an inner-city gang infested neighborhood, and he’s wearing a Maga hat, I’ll be thankful if people just ignore him and let him find his way through the world, but if he lands in a red leaning town in West Virginia, I’m betting someone there will come to his aid him despite his advertised blue politics he has plastered atop his head.

And let me ask you a thought experiment, no matter what your leanings are.
Would you feel safer walking around in public with a Maga or a Biden hat?

My answer, the Maga hat is like a magnet attracting metal and debris to it, while the Biden one is the equivalent of putting on a hard hard hat.

Wear it for Protection against the mobs.

And yes, the red elephants are staying silent and camouflaged in the brush.
As people feel hunted, both on a physical and emotional level most opt not speak out and draw the ire of the “righteous.”

Some fear that mentioning their political beliefs would bring a discordant conversation, others rightly feel that it would affect her personal relationships negatively, but openly wonder whether it might be worth it just to let such people slip away, others worry about word-of-mouth for their business and don’t want their pocketbook hurt by vengeful leftists.

Just one direct quote from someone I spoke about this with:

I put out a tester the other day to hypothetically ask “if I had a change of heart and said I was voting for trump, how many of you would no longer speak to me?” People said they’d cry, they’d wait until I had ‘gotten better’ all kinds of things. I recognize that I don’t actually want people like that in my life, but I also get clients through word of mouth and don’t want to disrupt my income because people don’t like my politics, not do I want to hurt friendships. People would actually feel hurt and betrayed by this news.

While I have empathy for her position, and it works on the game theoretical level for the individual in the moment, the reason that I will not choose that for myself is because I believe that it’s far better to confront monsters while still small … or smallish … or at least not yet seated in the throne of power, where they grow their evil forces to unleash them and destroy true liberalism.

I believe it is my duty to confront the evil so that others do not have to. However, for your sake in the longer term, I ask that you join me on the battlefield of ideas, because after they put me up against the wall, they’ll be coming for you shortly after.

Do not allow the unreasonable, shrill, illogical people craving control over your voice and thoughts, get their hands on the rings of power.
Don’t externalize the cost that you will also eventually bear onto those of us standing up for sanity today. Fight against it, and you might not bear the ultimate weight of living under their Maoist authoritarian regime.

For when they’re done feasting on my carcass, you either join them and live under their boot, or the hunt will begin, for you.


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