Psycho Attacks Cop with Knife, Gets Shot Dead, BLM Riots of Peace Ensue (Lancaster, PA)

by | September 18, 2020

Also, ignore the fact that more White people are killed every year by police than black, but you can’t “say their names” … because you’ve never even heard who they are.

video: Psycho Attacks Cop with Knife, Gets Shot Dead, BLM Riots of Peace Ensue (Lancaster, PA)

Mostly peaceful riots broke out in Lancaster after A brown man stormed out of an apartment building with a knife, attacking a cop, who turned and ran, then pulled out his pistol, and shot the criminal dead.

I say a criminal because that’s what he was. Ricardo Munoz in March 2019, Ricardo allegedly slashed and stabbed two men, a woman and a 16-year-old boy.

You can see from this still photo from the incident that Munoz is holding a knife. The police immediately released the body cam footage to try to demonstrate to the public that it was a justified shooting. Of course, they rioted anyways because logic and truth are irrelevant.

That means that tons of people are going to be without their car, arson having been set, public property vandalized, all money that you and I contribute into the tax coffers of the municipalities and the governments at-large, wasted.

Of course, as usual Black Lives Matter, did not come out in support of the police for acting rightly against a would be murderer, but rather ignored it the fact so not to interfere with the narrative and the way they raise all that sweet moolah, being expounding the story that police are racist, and murder innocent brown and Black people. So give us Cash!

Also, ignore the fact that more White people are killed every year by police than black, but you can’t “say their names” … because you’ve never even heard who they are.

Of course, each individual killing must be investigated based on the context of events that led up to it. In this case, you have a knife-wielding man attack you, you turn to run, he keeps after you, and you turn and shoot them. According to BLM, the cop should just lie down on his back, belly exposed, and allow himself to be stabbed to death, because he’s a cop after all, so he deserves it to begin with, and that’s the one way that we can keep peace in our society.

But as the cop had the audacity to value his individual life, and going home to his family, righteous rioting broke out despite overwhelming evidence that it was a clean shoot. The simple question is what would you do given the same circumstances?

I mean, if you’re not a cop. Of course if you’re a cop, as stated, you just have to lay down and take it. Death, whatever. We don’t want to incite the nobles and saints of BLM to issue condemnations of society at large based on your self protection.

Now, we can deal with this individual case on its own, and try to understand the ramifications of it. But that’s like the old story of the Doctor Who sees a man drowning in a fast flowing river. He jumps in, pulls him to shore, and saves him. He barely gets a breath in, before another person is flailing about in the waters, and the doctor, though tired, miraculously pulls him to shore, saving him.
Suddenly two more are coming downstream, the doctor jumps in, is unable to pull them to safety, and drowns himself.
You can applaud the doctor for his bravery, and his ultimate sacrifice, but it’s my job to go upstream and investigate who is throwing these people into the river to begin with and deal with the problem at its source.

Oh, you’ll encounter resistance. I spoke with my friend about this, and he tried to complete it with police brutality of another era, stating “same shit, different era.”

while referencing N.W.A. and their hit lullaby F the police.
The idea is already installed into peoples minds that police are incredibly brutal, bad actors, and racist. I’ve had my own run-ins with the police.
I’ve had my head pinned down on the ground, and questioned for hours for a crime I didn’t commit. The officers were assholes in that instance, and if I was black, I’d likely come to the conclusion that their treatment of me was race based.

I was mistreated another time me as well. Police are not perfect, that’s not where I’m coming from, but we have to analyze each incident and determine whether or not it belongs in the “systemic racism” evidence pile.

My friend was all too ready to not let the FACTS of this incident, which is being promoted again as police brutality and “yet another police shooting” by the main stream media, interfere with the narrative that he’s trying to portray.

And there in lies the problem, this is a narrative that has been set by the education system with the 1619 project and the enslavement of Black people being the centerpiece of American history and the only reason that America has been the most successful and prosperous nation in the world.
It’s been set by the main stream media which feeds their ratings off of the outrage that they create in reporting on the incident. It’s always falsely framed, in order to get more viewership, because they are beholden to the dollar, not the truth.

And it is spurred on by politicians, political race grifter’s, who benefit via selling their own wokeNess and moral outrage to those who would vote for them.

Specifically here, I’m thinking of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, who in 2019, both claimed that the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson Missouri, was a MURDER.
The case was investigated by the Obama Justice Department, and found to be a warranted use of force. Which has been investigated by the city of Ferguson on a couple of occasions, to see if they could drum up a prosecution of the officer in question, and each time partisan actors went away empty-handed, because the FACTS contradicted the narrative they wanted to follow through on.

And as Kamala Harris is running for president on the Democratic ticket, no matter that it might read as Joe Biden atop, she was a former prosecutor. She knows how to read a report sent to her. She knows full well that it wasn’t “a murder.”

She is a liar, she is a grifter, and she fuels the false victimhood narrative and in doing so, sells the public at large out.
Her own political ambitions, are nothing compared to the truth, and she doesn’t mind if her words set America ablaze, because what she is after is far more important, and that is power.

See, most people don’t have the time to investigate for themselves. They trust the people who are in power to accurately portray what took place. When people like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, both called Ferguson event, “a murder” this fuel gets thrown into their fire of their minds, and raises the temperature that America is a systemically racist place, and awful for Black people.

You see, imagine you have a fire, that’s simmering. And as you throw more and fuel onto it, the temperature naturally rises, and the flames start to melt peoples brains.
The result- the flames that are currently engulfing our buildings and society.

I’m far less mad at the simpletons reacting, to those who intentionally stoke the fires of resentment and victimhood. That includes the media, the hate for educators, the critical race theory propagandist, and most of all, those demons who desire to rise to power from the flames that consume the rest of us that they intentionally set.


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