Why We Must ALL #Walkaway From the Democratic Party – NOW – Vote RED

by | October 28, 2020

Today’s Republicans champion the liberties of the individual and self reliance.
They offer a vision of America as imperfect, but overall a force for good, and that we can change some things to make it better.

Video: Why We Must ALL #Walkaway From the Democratic Party – NOW – Vote RED

For those of you still considering voting for the Democratic Party, and as someone who grew up in a very left leaning family, I ask you Democrat Lights or those of you having doubts, to listen to my pitch to #Walkaway, as did I, and why we will all lose, badly, if Joe Biden is elected President and the Democrats take over Congress.

For those of you squarely Red, please share share share the video above or this link so that the dystopian course on which we are heading has a chance to be halted.

The Stark Contrast
Today’s Republicans champion the liberties of the individual and self reliance.
They offer a vision of America as imperfect, but overall a force for good, and that we can change some things to make it better.
In stark contrast, the Democrats offer a dark view of the United States, and a future for America that is previewed playing out on city streets in real time. It’s all part of the Blue, doom and gloom package.
Let’s take a look inside the playbook.

Covid 19- Lockdowns

Shut in your homes, your children unable to play with their friends, to go to school, the accompanying depression, alcohol abuse, the increased addiction to opioids, and the economic collapse that is already causing world populations to starve.

Given that I personally help keep a tiny subset of the poor souls not lucky enough to be born in America fed here in Asia, I can tell you not one of them has received a stimulus check or unemployment insurance. They wait in line beginning at 5 AM for a 1 PM food distribution of less than $3 of food per person. Opportunity cost of their time doesn’t apply, as there is literally no economic opportunity available.

Their businesses have been shuttered through no fault of their own, and their ability to maintain self sufficiency has been taken away by fearful governments, exchanged only for literal hunger.

2 weeks to flatten the curve, that’s all we ask. It has turned into almost 8 months of malaise and despair.
Small businesses, mandated by blue state governors to shut down have seen their clientele forcibly transferred to the big box stores which were given special provisions to stay open. Many of these mom and pop stores have closed, permanently. All that effort, all that time, all that sweat equity, for naught, because they were unlucky enough to live in a Democratic run state.
Tensions have been exacerbated across the nation, between people, between races,
And the Democrats advocate for continuing shut downs even as we understand more about the disease, as treatments become better, as the death rate drops.
All for “safety.”

What about living? The lost time? How much of it do we have on this planet?
What about the misery the lockdowns have caused? What about all the extra deaths from alcohol, drugs, and sadly, suicide? 

And as Joe Biden sells more lockdowns, Trump wants us to open up again, for us be able to live again, to prosper. Which reality going forward is more appealing?
If you think that’s too risky, remember, No one lives forever.
If someone desires to spend their time hunkered down in their home and never see daylight, it’s their prerogative to do so, but should the rest of the world stop living because a few snowflakes’ hearts flutter wildly every time they hear the number 19?

Encouraging the Riots

The eternal lockdown, has amplified riots.
Or as the mainstream media refer to them, “mostly peaceful protests,” actively encouraged by the Democrats for political gain.
Just one example, Kamala Harris requested donations for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, to bail rioters and looters out of jail so they can get back out there and create “peace” at an ever quickening rate.
Antifa and BLM are rioting, looting businesses, committing arson and making life unlivable with almost no repercussions. And yet, when pressed, the Democrats will tell you that Antifa is a myth, or an idea.  (Nadler, Biden clips)
Yet this “idea” has murdered people, destroyed businesses, set federal courthouses ablaze, torn down statues and our history, insulted and desecrated our religions.
They’ll storm neighborhoods at 3 o’clock in the morning with the bull horns yelling “wake up motherfucker wake up.”
This “myth” this “idea” is supported from the highest echelons of the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi wondered why there weren’t more uprisings, Ayannah Pressly urged for more unrest, and the defacto editor of the New York Times stated that naming the George Floyd riots, “the 1619 riots,” after her Pulitzer Prize winning essay riddled with intentional falsehoods, would be an “honor.”

Portland- the canary in the coal Mine

Over 100 straight days of riots and destruction in Portland. Every night the police take massive amounts of abuse, some of them physically attacked, and rioters they arrest, well, the city’s Democrat District Attorney, releases almost all of them the following morning with all charges dropped.
Imagine owning a house attacked by termites, the ones doing the most damage manually removed, given over to what should be a pest control company, and the next morning carefully placed back into the wood of the house for “ethical reasons.”

Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, says that he stands with the same group trying to destroy his city, and demands that the president remove federal officers from the city, so that the mob can finish the job can finish the job of burning down the Federal Courthouse.

The same jovial Antifa group, shows up at his residence, demanding his resignation, and true to form, since they’re already there I guess, triy to burn the whole condo building to the ground … and this coward, this feckless leader, does not turn up the heat on them, he about faces and runs away, moving out of his building while continuing to support them and denouncing the President for protecting the courthouse.

Journalist Andy Ngo, who they’ve already sent to the hospital with a brain injury, has graffiti painted daily on various buildings imploring his murder,

This is not free speech, this is incitement to violence and murder.

And by the way, Andy is a 5’ 5”, gay, son of Vietnamese immigrants. Such tolerance they have.

And yet the riots persist. Ongoing, and daily. As they attempt to bully and threaten you into submission.


In New York the mayor shuts down businesses and religious gatherings but green lights amidst Corona Virus massive protests for Black Lives Matter that resulted in violence, damage, and the loss of public property, and undoubtably, a super spreader Covid event.

Meanwhile the same mayor rounds up arrests Orthodox Jews for trying to hold services together. Hitler is smiling from hell.

St. Louis

In St. Louis if you protect your property by brandishing firearms against a group of “mostly peaceful protesters” that have already broken down your gate, trespassed onto private property, and are yelling violent threats at you, the county attorney will go out of her way to press charges against you.

It’s a warning, meant to silence those who would dare stand up to their authoritarian and illiberal movement. If, according to them you are on the wrong moral side of the equation, you are not permitted to so much is protect yourself.

Which side of the aisle is trying to destroy the law and order which protects you, while all but making it impossible to protect yourself?


The Minneapolis city council votes 12-0 to abolish the police department. City Council president Lisa Bender went viral when she told CNN that calling the police when your home is broken into “comes from a place of privilege,”
As Charles Barkley said, who are you going to call, Ghostbusters?

Meanwhile, as these left leaning cities fall apart, as they teem with more and more homeless packing and defecating on their streets, as crime surges, these insane people demand your submission to them. That they know better than you, despite their visible results on full display to everyone.
These people who only destroy and complain, not build and protect. They’ll pompously tell you they know better than everyone else what is good for the country as their jurisdictions crumble.

Cancel Culture

You realize that in one day last week, Antifa knocked out a black man’s teeth for standing up for free speech in San Francisco, Trump supporters were fired upon with a shotgun by a BLM activist in in Maryland, and in New Hampshire, letters were delivered to homeowners with Trump signs stating that they were marked for destruction, should Trump not concede the election. and that they hope that their insurance has adequate protection from fire,

Again, which side of the aisle do ALL these actions stem from?

If you dared say or tweet something against the prevailing woke “wisdom” of the day, they will seek you out, demand your employers fire you, threatening them with boycotts, and tell your friends to drop you like a hot coal.
How many lives have been ruined via these cancel culture efforts?
And yet the Democrats nod and encourage this behavior. This tearing of civility and our social fabric.

Real Racism

The Democrats claim to be the party of tolerance, that they want to eradicate racism.

Instead they amplify the divisions in our society.
They advocate for black only dorms at Universities, and that people of color need their own safe spaces, and for their persistent demands for such, receive thunderous applause not only from Democratic leaders, but the Klu Klux Klan, who are naturally in full support of the requests for segregation.

Tell them that two parent families yield superior result to single parent families, and get branded a racist. Say that America is the land of freedom of opportunity and you’ve demonstrated your white privilege. Those are only two of many examples, I have personally experienced. I’m sure many of you have similar stories.

And brainwashing our youth in racial animus is a must. It’s why they want critical race theory taught in elementary schools, and why the city of Seattle’s school board declared math to be racist.

Anti-Racism is their religion, and if you have white skin, you’ve been born of original sin. Your mere existence is proof of your guilt.
To them, Martin Luther’s King I have a dream speech asking his children to be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, is a nightmare.

I would never tell you that saying racism is dead, but it was on life support — kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as “racists.”

Hello Democrats.

And with the left throwing fuel onto the racial fire, is there any doubt when they continually yell “racist” at you, and use it as a cudgel to dislodge you from you job, from your friends, from your well being, that it will invariably move people into the arms of white identity groups if for no other reason, personal protection?

The Media

The media is a vicious and partisan organization, which might be slightly palatable, if they didn’t outright lie.
Like dragging the country through 3+ years of Russiagate which turned out to be completely bunk, and other than Fox News, completely ignoring the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden email scandal and influence peddling.
The likes of CNN, the NY Times, the Washington Post are so in the bag for the Democrats, so anti-Trump, that they continually perpetuate known vile lies against the man.
They’ll quote only portions of Donald Trump’s statements, intentionally producing a toxic precipitate from a chemical reaction that should have been at worst harmless when shown with all its components, like “context.”

Two of innumerable number of examples, the “fine people hoax,” and stating that Latinos were animals when he was specifically referring to MS 13, the vile and vicious gang.
The ends justify the means being the excuse for their felonious behavior.

Our Liberties

The first amendment, the bedrock of our democracy, unearthed by our founders, which allows us to settle our differences by speaking freely to another thus making violence much less likely, that which undergirds our republic.

The Democrats want to chip away at it starting with hate speech laws.

It’s not that there isn’t such a thing as hate speech, but I absolutely loathe to look in the eyes of those who desire to define exactly what it is, for like much of the left, I’m certain I’ll see enmity and hatred masked by supposed “empathy.”

Much as they find racism under every rock and in every nook and cranny, the same will certainly be true of hate speech.

They’d love to overturn the second amendment. As they try to abolish the police, or lower morale so they quit en masse first, and take away our “privilege” of being able to call law enforcement if our home is invaded, they also want to take our rights away to defend ourselves.

So that they can institute their totalitarian whims unopposed.


Say what do you want to about Trump’s personality, the man’s far from perfect, but his policies have brought us peace with the Middle East, he’s sent Iran’s ambitions for Middle East hegemony into a tailspin, whereas the former administration, including Joe Biden, sent the mullahs of Iran literally plane loads of US cash to fund their terrorist activities.
Peace deals, that have never existed before with Israel have been signed. For the first time, direct flights from the United Arab Emirates to Tel Aviv can be purchased.
No new wars have been started, and the economy was thriving until Covid-19 visited the world, likely courtesy of a Chinese laboratory.
But as votes pour in for blue, from all those who have been brainwashed by the media into Trump Derangement Syndrome, as the Democrats advocate for abolishing the electoral college, the packing of the Supreme Court, and the dissolution of our republic.

The Democrats believe the more dependent on the state you are, the more power they’ll reap.

They use the excuse of unequal distribution of wealth within the world’s richest country, as an excuse to destroy that which others have built so that we are all equally miserable.
They desire to deprive you of your liberty to express yourself lest you say something that would trigger the psyche of the lowest common denominator, or merely add friction to their grab for power.
My hope is hearing and knowing this send you running from their cold embrace.
And even right now, you know that they are threatening that if Donald Trump wins, they will literally attempt to burn down America. They are attempting to terrorize you into submission.
We are Americans, and we will not be scared, we will not be cudgled by a subset of the population that wishes to destroy our republic. Let us do it, or else.
When  they say submit, we fight back.
This is America after all, not France.

This is what you are voting for if you vote Democrat, making it clear that their antics, that their behavior, will pay off in spades and will return them to power. It’s like giving a petulant child keys to your Ferrari in an effort to stop him momentarily from destroying your neighbors property.
What’s going to happen to your Ferrari? What is going to happen to America, the great engine of liberty and freedom for the world.
If you give them the reigns of power, the keys to the Ferrari, they will do all they can to drag our nation over the cliff.

Vote red like our Republic depends on it. It does. And remember, I’ve been a lifelong Democrat up until now. #Walkaway NOW, before it’s too late.


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