MOCKING Full on Racist Senator Mazie Hirono (or Should Stupidity Give her Immunity??)

by | March 26, 2021

What these idiot Senators, both Duckworth and Hirono have stated is not a dog whistle, it is active discrimination against someone based on the color of someone’s skin

video: MOCKING Full on Racist Senator Mazie Hirono (or Should Stupidity Give her Immunity??)“

As a sitting US senator, anyone who might be getting reparations from the Democrats, I will not vote for you if you are nominated by the new Presidential administration.”
Would that be racist?
With that in mind, watch this brief Q+A with the illustrious “genius” Maizi Hirono.

What do they mean by diversity?
Anything that’s not white. 

They are saying that they will vote against any white person who comes before the committee.
So that means if we were able to reconstitute Albert Einstein, and he were nominated to head the physics department, they would vote him down, cause you know, diversity,
Can’t vote for no white-boy!
Discriminating against someone based on the color of their skin is the definition of racism. 

And yet, members of one of the most powerful bodies in the world have openly stated that they plan to engage in in racism, shoving aside meritocracy. Shoving aside Alert Einstein.
Steve King, a Republican congressman from Iowa lost his committees and was primaried for issuing statements for what many people, both on the left and right, felt were dog whistles to white identity groups.
What these idiot Senators, both Duckworth and Hirono have stated is not a dog whistle, it is active discrimination against someone based on the color of their skin. This is the ongoing trend in the woke community, slowly making more and more radical statements, pushing the agenda and almost papering over their past stupidities with even more outlandish edicts, attempting to boil the frog which is the American public in their wokist ideology. 

Yet, there will be pushback.
I totally understand why blacks in the South during Jim Crowe would have had antipathy towards white people. Truly, it is human nature to have such feelings when you are aggressively being discriminated against. When people feel actively despised and mistreated eventually they are just going to start hating you.
And the same will be true for white people of today.
You want to pick someone’s pocket and give reparations to only black farmers as they have done in the latest Covid bill, you are building resentment and unfairness in the minds of many.
When anything bad happens, a shooting etc. you want to blame it on the color of someone’s skin and use it as a basis to attack them, ascribing collective guilt, you ignite the recruitment torch of white identity groups, if for no other reason than for group protection against the woke mob that is growing.

And now two of members of the US Senate are literally saying they are going to inject systemic racism in our politics. They, as leading, albeit incredibly stupid members, of our governmental structure, have stated overt and open racism, publicly.
How will this make the majority of our country feel as these hostile feelings and vile practices are aimed at them?

I grant that the Marxist indoctrination centers called colleges have gotten many young people to loathe the color of their skin, that like Shiite Muslims they will self flagellate and applaud this Maizi’s and Duckworths idiotic statements … which brings me to a side bar, is it evil if people don’t understand what they are actually doing or are too stupid to see beyond the immediate checker move they are making. 

Like if Maizi “einstein” Hirono were to hear reports of a hungry boa constrictor and she threw a baby into the pit, white of course, I doubt she would want “diversity” in this case, would we be able to ascribe the term “evil” to her personage, since she is obviously too dumb to see beyond the fact that the snake is hungry, and using the baby to solve the immediate problem? You don’t get mad at a retard for not understanding the pythagorean theorem do you? 

By the way, anyone who supports Maizi “Einstein” Hironos statements, I have compassion for your inability to think as well. There is no hatred from me towards you, just pity.  

End side bar. 

So, what’s the solution. Really, these openly racist senators must be censured, any committee they are on be taken away, and pressured to give up their seats, and primaried at minimum. The same thing that would happen to anyone that promised to vote against someone who might be receiving reparations, aka black people. 

You see, both stances are completely and totally racist, and support only the downfall of America as we place unqualified people into the government, much like making , a capable basketball player, but nowhere near NBA level, as the Lakers starting point guard. 

And I know that Maizi is incapable of understanding this, so once again, I ain’t mad at you girl.


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