The Left Has ZERO Understanding of Human Nature — Don’t Buy their Magical Unicorns

by | April 5, 2021

And how long can such idealogues continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, before we come to grips and admit that those who continue to listen are sheep lacking in courage and ability to think critically?


video: The Left Has ZERO Understanding of Human Nature Don’t Buy their Magical Unicorns

The vast majority of the population never commits a violent crime or destroys property with the exception of certain segments of society whose rate of mayhem is well in the 80’s, I reference of course,  …. antifa.
But can we agree, if no one ever committed a crime, would we have any need for police?
I’m sure most of you concur, but as lovely a thought as it might be, it simply doesn’t conform to reality.
But this wishful fantasy paradigm is what the left hand side of the political aisle wants to foist on the rest of society. The only reason people commit crimes is because the police are abusive towards them, and they use a few such moments that they frame as behaving horribly, using it as an excuse to defund the police entirely, hoping to “let something beautiful spring up in its place.”

And then as the Minneapolis City Council votes to defund law enforcement, as morale plummets, police quit en-masse, break ins and murder start to rise, and lawlessness drives out taxpayers that can afford to leave.
To any sane person, to anyone who understands human nature, it’s a completely predictable phenomenon.
Today the city is scrambling to hire police officers back, and working overtime to do so with the riots guaranteed which are already, and I mean this literally, being planned for the end of the Derek Chauvin.

So, would it surprise you that the Democrats are doing what they can to destroy the value of real estate? Hey, let’s do all we can to make Rent optional.
Imagine your Grandma is 85 years old. She grew up in poverty, but she saved and scrimped, and was able to purchase a nice condo which she hopes to rent out and use the income to travel the world.
Now Covid, and the government shuts down the economy, then tells people, there is a moratorium on evictions, removing one of the key deincentives to not pay. Rent is optional. What do you think happens to Grandma?
I just hope you have an extra room available for her, because the story I just described is a real one, and it’s probably happened 10,000 times in various forms across the country since Covid.
Like the police, the only thing you need to understand is human nature, or to put a more fancy word to it, “Game theory”— which is basically the idea that people will act in their best self interest as they evaluate the consequences of various actions with the rules of the game factoring in their own internal value system.
To be able to predict how an individual will act in a given set of rules it is incredibly helpful to understand their hierarchy of values.

We all have that friend that is fun, but is always willing to knowingly take advantage of someone. You’d be ill advised to hire them as a cashier as opposed to someone about whom all you knew was raised in a fire and brimstone household, who fears sinning in such a manner.
You also would think twice about renting to your buddy.

You make predictions about peoples’ future behavior based on bits of data, knowing that someone’s behavior is determined by an internally run mathematical model with different co-efficients in front of variables like integrity, fairness, empathy, love, etc as they respond to various rules of the game.
The difference is that with sane governments and people, there are some protections against dishonest actors. You can literally leave your wallet with cash falling out of it in an unlocked car in Saudi Arabia with a zero percent chance of it getting stolen, because the rule of the game is they cut off your hand if you get caught.
Now try doing that in modern day San Fransisco.

Similarly, in the recent past, you get a bad tenant, you’re going to lose money, but eventually you’ll have the aforementioned police come and evict them.
But with Covid, the leftists seized it as an opportunity to demonstrate their empathy … and either sheer stupidity or malevolence. Like the police they wanted to cancel, they did the same with rent, essentially making it optional to pay. Not for a month or two, but more than a year now, and they keep extending the moratorium on evictions “due to Covid.”
That’s how you get the story as told to me by a nameless property manager, who, when she confronted the tenants told her they weren’t going to make up the money, when/ if the moratorium is ever lifted, “because they need to save money for their next place.”
It’s why in Riverside CA, last year someone sold their home for cash, collected all the money, and has refused to leave the property.
Thus the rightful owner, who paid his life savings for the place is unable to move in. I heard the owner interviewed, and he stated that if he entered into the house he owns, that he never rented out nor spent one night in, that he’d be the one arrested. This has been going on more than a year now as the property goes to shambles.
This isn’t a hardship case, but the good old governor, Gavin Newsom, won’t want anyone to think him heartless, and won’t allow the police to remove ANYONE from a residence. The real story is: Heartless politician won’t allow rightful owner to take possession of a house he paid his life savings for. That’s called being woke.
But in fairness, Gavin has shut down businesses and for a year while Florida has remained open and has done better with Covid deaths. But it’s because Newsom cares so deeply about the people of his state.

In Portland, Antifa has free reign to destroy the edifices of local businesses, and have all charges dropped once again. You think they’ll continue their actions of destroying the city? You think??

It’s the same thing in San Fransisco and other nutty leftist cities whose DA’s announced that they weren’t going to prosecute shoplifting below $950 in goods stolen. Guess what happens, criminals enter into the stores with calculators, make sure they remain below the dollar mark, and literally walk out the store and no one lifts a finger to stop them because it is pointless, as the DA will immediately drop all the charges.

For less than totally honest people, the game theoretical calculation dictates walking out with a free iPhone 12 and a down comforter with no recourse against you, is their optimal choice. That might not be your calculation as an honest person, but again, if the people were perfect, there would be no need for police or laws of any type.
You remove the deincentives, criminals immediately calculate that the upside far outweighs the now non-existent downside, and they begin to take action that benefits them, which negatively effects the rest of us.
But my question is how come these people on the left, like Ilhan Omar, like the woke DA’s of San Francisco, Portland, LA, who want impose their paradigm upon you, like defunding the police and “allowing something beautiful to spring up in its place.” That everyone will pay their rent if given the option not to, that if you don’t enforce shop lifting laws, that not a soul will steal because it’s “wrong.”
Can you tell me in the comments below why they have any influence whatsoever when time and time again reality and physics demonstrates their vision unworkable and bankrupt.
They are selling you ideology and magic unicorns that go against the grain of human nature and rational action according to the game theoretical calculations of enough individuals to tear society as we know it apart.

And as we see that take in place in front of our eyes, are these people who continue to push these policies stupid, or are they evil?

And how long can such idealogues continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the public, before we come to grips and admit that those who continue to listen are sheep lacking in courage and ability to think critically?


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