Why the Facebook Expose is SO HUGE – Freedom + Manipulation (Project Veritas)

by | June 5, 2021

They have blown the lid on the Ministry of Truth ascent to power. They have set them back. They have brought to the forefront how voices are muffled in the new public square, how our opinions are controlled and manipulated.

video: Why the Facebook Expose is SO HUGE – Freedom + Manipulation (Project Veritas)

Disclaimer- I still own a decent number of Facebook shares. That should inform you of the sincerity of my opinion as the words I utter are not aligned with my financial self interest.


The first amendment in our bill of rights protects our ability to speak openly, on any subject, with any viewpoint. We have the right to go to the public square, to shout our opinions, to convince people of our ideas. To galvanize change, or be deemed a crazy shrieking loon.
But the public square has morphed into the platforms owned by big tech, Twitter, Facebook, Google, where ones’ message can reach millions of people at a time. In order to catalyze change, to promulgate ideas, conveying one’s opinions on these platforms is necessary.
Most of us believe that our ideas and viewpoints have merit; why else would we espouse them? And who doesn’t want their voice to be heard, their opinions to matter, and that includes Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg, and the heads of Google.
Imagine you were one of these internet heads of state, and how tempting would it be that, just maybe, messages you agree with prosper, just a little bit more, and then maybe just a little bit more again, and then BAM, all at once, why not just silence the voices of “evil.” 

Like those spreading disinformation last year. You know, the conspiracy theory that the Covid virus leaked from a Wuhan Bio lab which the powers that be, the Democrat Party, the corporate media, sternly informed us this theory was “racist” and Trumpian, as he and Republican ally, Senator Tom Cotton, were proponents, along with, slightly inconveniently, a few brave scientists like Bret Weinstein, who in the interest of actual science, were willing to stick their necks out, while the “good people” of the world did all they could to hack them off.

But, in fairness, on the other side you had tons of fact checking, by which I mean one media source verifying the other in a corrupt and circular exercise until it was a tightly knit, unassailable ball of yarn. 
Plus Donald Trump said it, and one thing for sure, Orange Man Bad. Theory: “debunked.”
ACTION: Hide the comments, the posts, or kick the perpetrators off the platforms altogether. Unwelcome are the voices of dissent.
Get these deranged, moronic, conspiracy nut jobs out of here. First amendment? This is a private platform, don’t bring that bunk in here.

And that is exactly what was demonstrated via the Project Veritas expose with the Facebook whistleblower.
If you don’t know, comments and posts on Facebook were graded by algorithms and if discovered to promote “vaccine hesitancy,” suppressed.
That means if you had dubious thoughts on the topic and brought them to the new public square, without you knowing it, your voice was muffled.
Unheard. Silenced, as though yelling in a vacuum. Shout as loud as you want, no one is going to hear you.

This is a huge deal. Huge.
It’s completely Orwellian, it’s 1984, where the Ministry of Truth decided what information is allowed to circulated, what you were allowed to think; the thought police.
They know always what is better for us. They are our superiors.

Have an independent thought?
Not if contradicts the “science,” promoted by the elites in charge.
At minimum you were covertly silenced, or perhaps just kicked off the platform altogether.
The control of information, the hypnotizing of the mind to one narrative. 

And how, again, was this following the science?
The scientific method involves taking all the potential hypothesis and disproving them one by one. Is dismissing the observation that the Wuhan Institute of Virology , a level 4 bio lab where they were researching Corona Viruses, was the exact spot where Covid 19 first made its appearance in the human population … nutty?
Hypothesizing, that it might have escaped from the lab? NO, SHUT THAT DOWN. The same way they did the Hunter Biden laptop story pre-election. The same way Facebook has been shutting down vaccine hesitancy. Not if it counters OUR NARRATIVE.

The question to ask, who benefited from this? China- who got to cover up at minimum their sloppiness in releasing this virus, assuming that is the case.
Maybe Anthony Fauci and his associates, who allegedly were directly involved in funding the gain of function research and thus be on the hook for this release.
The Democrats, and the NeoLiberal establishment who got the political gift of being able to pin it all on Trump and the Republicans, and the media that abetted them to the tune of billions of dollars worth of outrage.
The blue state governors who shut down their economies, kept children from school, and raised the misery index to hell-like elevations, in an exercise to see how strongly the public would resist their muscles of control in the future. 

 How about Wall Street for whom the excuse to print trillions of dollars inflated the price of their assets. You think that inflation benefits the average 9-5 Joe, they threw you crumbs at you while serving the wealthy filet mignon. 

 The lies the media and politicians on the left told, had far reaching effects. 

Early on Tom Cotton stated the merits of the lab leak hypothesis.
The common reaction in elite liberal circles? A Washington Post reporter called it a “fringe theory” that “has been repeatedly disputed by experts.” The Atlantic Council accused Cotton of abetting an “infodemic” by “pushing debunked claim that the novel coronavirus may have been created in a Wuhan lab.” A writer for Vox said it was a “dangerous conspiracy theory” being advanced by conservatives “known to regularly spew nonsense (and bash China).

Because they want control. Because they want the POWER. 

The “elites,” in their infinite knowledge, and like caring parents, and they are neither parents, nor caring, know what’s best for us, for the world, for the country. Thus the Democrats aligned with woke Silicon Valley and the corporate press to stifle and destroy dissent.

And on a human level it’s easy to understand. When such power is available to any individual, the temptation to misuse it is so great, it takes a Ghandi to resist, and I don’t think anyone is comparing Mark Zuckerberg or Kamala Harris to Ghandi any time soon. (Kamala not today)

And what what has always been the goal of those with e reigns of power, from deification of the Kings of antiquity, to Joseph Gobbels propaganda of the Third Reich, opinions have been actively injected into us by the establishment, by their press, and this had to be done in conjunction to drowning out of voices that interfered with this process. It’s never been easier today via the power wielded by big tech.
Why do you think people hated Trump so much? Because CNN, MSNBC, NY Times pounded any negative, real or made up, into the minds of individuals until it created a mental disorder so obvious it was given a name, Trump Derangement Syndrome.
That was how much they loathed him upsetting the balance of power that took place in the country. If Trump or Tom Cotton said that maybe, just maybe, the virus leaked from the Wuhan Lab—  shut it down. 

Shut down that possibility. TELL the people “our truth.” I’ll speak “our truth” and implant it into the minds of the public. Cause we know best.
Just like the Ministry of Truth, in the prescient novel “1984,” did. (1984 not supposed to be a manual)
What Project Veritas, via their Facebook expose did, is up there in terms of value to freedom than any prior act of journalism in history.
They have blown the lid on the Ministry of Truth ascent to power. They have set them back. They have brought to the forefront how voices are muffled in the new public square, how our opinions are controlled and manipulated.

Now, the solution?
These digital public squares must be treated as utilities, where all voices have an equal chance of being heard. These are essentially monopolies. Go ahead and build your own? Well, as Parler discovered, try building an alternative and they’ll find a BS excuse to shut you down, even if most of the planning took for the January 6th riot took place on Facebook.
And with that sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, why wouldn’t Zuck and company continue to do the bidding of the Neo-Liberal elites? Especially since as a reward, an upstart competitor was vaporized.
Free speech? Only if it agrees with the party in power. The attempt to centralize the power has only just begun. That’s why Project Veritas expose is so earth shattering. 

It’s why you couldn’t be heard when you spoke of lab leak, why you couldn’t tweet out the NY Post story on Hunter Biden or just be surreptitiously silenced on Facebook, and it’s why your voice was actively silenced if you had any “hesitancy” regarding the vaccine.
The monopoly control over speech in the public square must be stopped immediately. It goes against my financial interests, but I care more about my children living in freedom, with the ability to express themselves, rather than being rich and living under Big Brother and the Orwellian future that is quickly being manifested.
And I ask you, for those of you with independent thoughts, those of you who loudly and  passionately express yourselves, take a moment and juxtapose your energy, the time you take your voice heard, versus my friends Mark and Jack, who stay completely mute, and merely push a button to promote the pre-approved narrative; and I ask you, who has the loudest voice of all? 


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