“Follow the Science” the Hypocrites DEMAND- Harming us ALL with their LIES

by | June 17, 2021

And the Democrats claim they are the party of science. …

video: “Follow the Science” the Hypocrites DEMAND- Harming us ALL with their LIES


Over a year ago, I was excoriated by a blue pilled friend, along with others, calling me a conspiracy theorist and a moron … for the sin of claiming that Covid leaking from a lab was a possibility, given the fact that one of the only laboratories in the world studying Cornona Viruses, was right there, in the middle, where the breakout just happened to occur … posing this as a possibility got me labeled a conspiracy theorist and a moron. 

Also, such an assertion that maybe it was worth investigating was deemed unscientific by the “follow the science crowd.”
You know, those erudite neo-liberals and leftists who think they’re better than you, know what’s best for you, and let you know it. Like their brilliant economic policies and math skills they demonstrate on national TV. 

Of course Donald Trump and sitting Senator Tom Cotton said the Lab leak possibility was there, high level US intelligence even indicated it, and were demonized and called dangerous racists by the corporate press for daring to pose the theory.
Well, now that Saint Fauci, who originally came out strongly against lab leak theory, has indicated it MIGHT be a possibility, the Ministry of Truth, aka the heads of social media and the corporate press, which would vaporize your YouTube channel, or ban you altogether from Twitter and Facebook, or castigate you in print or on TV, well, finally they are allowing the plebs to wade into shallow end of lab leak possibility with only dissatisfied looks, and a very watchful eye. I’m sure we’ll end up on the FBI list of white supremacists and deemed  to pose the gravest threat to the United States, while those attacking and attempting to burn down federal courthouses night after night or who loot businesses as their reparation rights entitle them to are the good guys. 

The same people and organizations that for over a year insisted we “Follow the science.” That hurled vitriol at anyone who didn’t nod their heads along with the good little lemmings who followed their intellectual superiors off the Corona cliff with lockdowns, destruction of our economy, and the mental health of adults and children everywhere. All these people who parroted “Follow the science” have not one iota of understanding the scientific method.

How does “follow the science” mean demonizing a hypothesis stating it is without merit with no investigation despite serious people, like Professor Bret Weinstein amongst others, telling you it it is a distinct possibility.
That doesn’t mean they are correct but it is a scientists duty to disprove each hypothesis that might explain a phenomena. That’s the scientific method in action.

 “Follow the science.”— Stated with great scorn and mocking.

 Explain how such fantastic scientists told us lab leak was impossible and the social media companies in conjunction with the Democratic establishment prevented us from discussing it, by censoring dissenters, and kicking them off platforms. Now it comes out that it’s more than a distinct possibility.

And the Democrats claim they are the party of science. 

Question: Why on earth would they do this?
Occam’s razor: the simplest explanation is usually correct. It was an election year. They wanted Evil Drumpf out of office and shoved any narrative they could down our throats that would help give Orange Man a bad taste.
And why allow any pushback to the negative association they were creating?
For those of you who doubt my theory, who will tell you, once again, I’m a conspiracy theorist for broaching the possibility. 

I ask you, and I’m really asking …. were they following the scientific method? Did they disprove the lab leak hypothesis?
Evidently not, and there was substantial evidence of it at the time. 

Or, perhaps, was it politically convenient to use powers they had in censoring voices and the media outlets like CNN, NY Times, letting it be known you would be labeled a heretic if you raised your voice against their ”political science.”
That’s the science they practice.

These people should lose ALL CREDIBILITY. You should never listen to them again. They don’t have national interests at heart, they’re not even neutral scientists wanting to investigate the truth as it is. NO,  they will sacrifice you, your business, and your children to the lockdowns, at the alter of Coronatarianism, because truth and real science is not what guides them, their north star is power and control.


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