Is Today’s KKK Super Lazy … or Pure Genius? (#Satire)

by | July 6, 2021

Have you noticed how little activity is coming our of the Klu Klux Klan lately. The question we should all be asking: have they been gripped by the sin of: laziness?

video: Is Today’s KKK Super Lazy … or Pure Genius? (#Satire)

The KKK Has never Been Happier (or Lazier)

Have you noticed how little activity is coming our of the Klu Klux Klan lately. The question we should all be asking: have they been gripped by the sin of: laziness?
When’s the last big demonstration they had?
When’s the last time you heard about a black owned business being burnt to the ground by the Klan? (and I’ll be returning to this point)
What about the precipitous decline use of N-word by white America … other than progressives quoting rap lyrics. 

As a journalist, I figure there’s a story there so I go over to the local Klan Chapter to investigate. 

When i get there they’re sitting around watching the Georgia game, passing beers around, and the fellas were far more jovial than I’ve ever seen them.
In the past they’d be organizing, planning, yelling about something. Not today.
And I’m sitting there tapping my pencil impatiently against my notepad and absolutely no story. 

“GUYS! GUYS! What in hell is going on here?”
And they all turn to me, like “what?”
“I see no action. Y’all just sitting here doing nothing. Where’s the hating? Y’all have work to do”

And they all just laugh in unison.

“What’s so funny.”
“We have bots advancing our cause of racism, and we don’t have to lift a finger. Why bother. Sit on down and watch the game.”
And I say, “You have to work to get anything done in this world. Okay, granted maybe not with the Democrats sending out checks to keep people home, but still we all know laziness is a sin … ”
“Come on man, I need a story …  Donny, when’s the last time you initiated a good old fashioned cross burning?”
“The left is metaphorically burning crosses every day when they express contempt for and demonize religion, except for Islam, which they hold in the highest regard.” (Islam was right about women)
“What about a good Koskegee Illinois march to remind the Jews that they’re lower life forms?”
“Why go to all the trouble. Palestinian activists and their progressive allies have not only been terrorizing them for Israel defending itself against Palestinian rocket attacks, but physically attacking them too. And the beauty is the government protects them. they let them go, Congresswoman Rashida Talib and Ilhan Omar and that whole wing, clearly agree with us on the Jewish problem. You expect us to interfere with that?”
“Alright, when’s the last you went out and terrorized blacks? Burned one of their businesses to the ground? Let them know who’s boss?”
“Why take the risk. We went to the riots this summer. Entire neighborhoods and local stores owned by blacks got incinerated. We didn’t do nothing. Not one match did we light. We just pointed our finger in the air, celebrating with the leftist activists, all of us yelling in unison: ”this is justice!”
We joined arms with the Antifa + BLM thugs, singing together, welcoming the destruction. We were hugging them, dancing, it was joyous. I really think the progressives hate black people more than we do. They must based on their actions.”
“But what about your purpose?  Your organization must be floundering …”

And right then 7 white people walked in, I don’t think they knew each other, and were greeted with open arms and a beer by the Klan members. They were all new.

Each of them had their own reason to be there. Being told they were a bad person for being born white. One guy was a worker at an orphanage, makes no cash, and told he owes reparations blacks as a second generation immigrant. Another guy, his face all bruised, was attacked by a thug, and the DA dropped all charges. 

I was there for a scoop. For a story, and this sadly is what I have to report. I packed my bags up, my recorder, and left.
And as I was walking out, three new people were marching in.

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