YouTube Continues to F*ck with Center Right Channels

by | January 29, 2022

Both of my channel as well as Ben Shapiro’s, both of which I subscribe to, failed to show up in my feeds as YouTube premium subscriber. 

Both of my channel as well as Ben Shapiro’s, both of which I subscribe to, failed to show up in my feeds as YouTube premium subscriber.

YT wants to separate that from the fact that despite having 2,200 subscribers, I get very few natural views, and 300-500 impressions (where people have the POSSIBILITY of clicking on the video)
I call BS, it happens for both my channel which I watch 100% of the videos (to completion) and has been going on for months with Ben Shapiro’s channel not showing in my feed.
here is a letter I wrote to YT “support”

Regarding the video spoken of:

Looking at my traffic sources- it averages a 42 second view from external links which all come from reddit. So by putting out the link to external source, I am undermining what YT will actually promote?
I only submit YT links to reddit because it’s a Silicon Valley cartel like structure, where rumble links are automatically categorized as spam on reddit. Fair, totally.
But for the VERY FEW natural views I have from YT, aside of the 2 notification views averaging all of 3 seconds (and i don’t see how that could possibly be the fault of the crater, or the 1 second view from the channel page, the results are decent.
Reddit isn’t interested, they click on and off. That’s all.
So, should I never submit the links to reddit to keep my avg view up. Believe me, I try to submit rumble instead of YT to no avail.
And I call absolute BS on my video not showing up in my own YT subscriber feed. As I watch 100% of the video and thumb it up whenever I remember to, I am Exactly the type of subscriber that should be getting the videos. I am absolutely accusing of YT slowly chipping away at subscriber bases by not showing them videos that those programming the algorithm want to have watched less. The same way, Ben Shapiro stopped appearing in my feed months ago, and I found myself watching less of his videos. The same way that Google prevents Mike Cernovich’s column on the SPLC and some whack job getting a Christian group’s name they designated as terrorists or whatever to go shoot them up, from appearing in Google search results.
Because if I don’t get my own videos in my feed like I used to, and I have other people that have told me the same has happened, even though they watched regularly and commented, am I supposed to think it’s random. Because why else would my own video, which I watch 100% of and thumb up, stop suddenly appearing in my feed on my YT app?
To answer your question about when it started, I think I first noticed it Jan 23 for my channel, and months ago for Ben Shapiro.
My stats outside of reddit for the above video aren’t bad for the FEW that YT made my video available for. Should I stop submitting to reddit to increase “natural” views on YT based on more impressions.
Is 300 average impressions a record low for a channel with 2200 subs that creates regularly?


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