Canada Stands up for Liberty; Australians Hide – Fosters “How to Speak Australian” Ads were LIES

by | February 12, 2022

Australians shrink like violets as authoritarianis.m descends upon the country

video: Canada Stands up for Liberty; Australians Hide – Fosters “How to Speak Australian” Ads were LIES

I’ve been lied to by advertisers, my whole life. And they’ve been able to falsely shape views on entire countries. Talk about propaganda. Take the greatest Australian export, Fosters Beer, and their old, “How to Speak Australian” ads. 

I thought those Aussie drongos were a bunch hard hitting, carousing, roughnecks who didn’t take no guff from anyone. Tough as nails.
Instead they allow themselves to be run roughshod over by authoritarianism while they meekly comply.
I guess being originally a penal colony and all, it’s in their DNA to accept lockdowns.
They’ve allowed the themselves to absolutely be run roughshod over them. They’ve bent over and taken it up the keister.
You can’t even be rude to the powers that be. Dare to raise a vociferous objection in the province of Western Australia, guess what they just announced.
Anyone who ‘threatens’, ‘intimidates’ or is ‘offensive’ towards businesses who ask for proof vaccination could be jailed for a year or fined up to $50,000 from Monday.

And of course you have the sock puppets, Antifa, and the general moronic leftists supporting suppression of thought, of ideas, of basic freedoms. 

Then compare the Aussies to mild mannered Canadians.
So helpful, so polite. Like my wife, a Canuck.
So when they have that cuck, Turdeau turned authoritarian, I understand that they would get behind him, and say, “Oh right away Justin, ey. Whatever you say.”
But no, I’ve been proven wrong. You have the truckers standing up to this authoritarian turd. The Freedom Convoy, thousands and thousands of truckers deep.
And the evil Canadian government that is trying to squash it. Those standing up for freedom of choice, of movement, to not be coerced to get a questionable vaccine that doesn’t prevent transmission, while they sit and drive in their little box alone, are standing up.
And the Nova Scotia government, are it illegal to protest in favor of the truckers. Oh, sure, it remains legal to protest against them, but come it in favor of truckers and get fined bigly.
Turdeau has called them misoginists and racists and, while he parades around in black face, and has threatened to use the military against them.
“And still they hold strong, in sub freezing temperatures.
They have the media calling them Nazis and bigots, you have Trevor Noah of the Daily Show come out and  say that one Nazi or Confederate flag makes the whole lot of them evil bigots, as if it would be so hard to plant an agent with such a flag there.
And still they hold strong.
They call the truckers violent as they clean up the snow from the sidewalks, and somehow the BLM riots were “mostly peaceful.”
Meanwhile in Australia they bend over and it take in the keister when told there would be a 50k fine for rudeness.
You Aussie pusses. In a country where everything from the spiders, plants, snakes, crocs, and sharks are trying to kill you, you let your wardens fine you for speaking out.

Stand up against the tyranny, before they suffocate us and install AI that monitors our behavior at all times.
Stand up NOW, make a stand NOW, before they take away all your freedoms as they are demonstrating they are doing.
Stand up for the truckers, and Canadians, please accept my heartfelt apology for all the fun I’ve made of you over the past, ey. 

Sorry, for force of habit. 

And to all you pussy Australians and the Fosters brewing company, I’d tell you go to hell, but you seem to have already allowed it descend upon your country.

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