I Identify as BLACK– For N-Word Privileges + to Support Joe Rogan

by | March 2, 2022

And yes, I acknowledge the historical, horrific use of the word. And yes, I rarely use it amongst my black friends, even though I identify as black. Okay, I don’t use it … except this one time …

video: I Identify as BLACK– For N-Word Privileges + to Support Joe Rogan

I’ll state it publicly; Joe Rogan is my n-word

No doubt you’re aware the powers that be, in an effort to silence their competition, in an effort to shift the Overton window so that they control what is and what is not acceptable, have been demanding censorship of Joe Rogan.
Originally it was for misinformation, because he had leading experts in their field on to discuss the Covid vaccines.
Then it morphed into racism, wielding a compilation of clips of Joe using the N-word on his show, not as a pejorative and, of course, out of context, they were able to turn original supporters, like the Rock, against him, and extract a groveling apology out of Joe.
Of course, apologizing to the woke mob is like throwing blood into the water for hungry sharks, they go crazy, eat you up, and energized, move on to their next victim, stronger and bolder.
The zombie horde will destroy all in its path. 

But who gets to use the N-word? I want to go over this scientifically.

Apparently, when you are black, you get card blanche use of the word. Dave Chappelle for example, can’t go two sentences without throwing it into his act.
Why was it was the trans activists that went after him, rather than other woke grievance mongers? Because being black shields him, so they created a work around.
BUT, what if you’re 75% black? Likely, okay.

50%, hey, don’t ask me. I say, 50% you round up. They did for Obama. You think the woke would complain about Obama dropping N-bombs? Pro tip: If you’re half, make sure you’re also have darker, rather than lighter skin.

But what about someone like me. Oh sure, instantly you’re shaking your head and are like, don’t do it Rich! But let me explain my qualifications- I have a higher percentage of sub-Saharan African blood in me than Elizabeth Warren had Native American, and she got high paying jobs by playing that card.
Should I deny my African heritage? Are you asking me to be ashamed of it? Racists.

But what if I identify as black, like a Rachel Dolezal working for the NAACP for years. Do you think she went up and down those halls yelling n-word this, n-word that, like most people in the office did? At least, that’s how I imagine things work there. 

Again, I truly have sub saharan blood in me.
Now, let’s compare this to trans— You know what it takes to be a man. One Y chromosome. JUST ONE. 

And you know how many Y chromosomes trans-men have? ZERO.
But if I refuse to acknowledge the manhood of someone who with zero Y chromosomes who identifies as such, woke society will put me on the guillotine. 

So if I, as someone with actual sub-Saharan DNA in my biological make-up according to 23andMe, identify as black, WHO ARE YOU TO tell me I’m not. And why then, given the fact that by woke logic I must be recognized as I identify, should I be denied rightful use of the N-Word?

And let me tell you something else, if it is so toxic, so injurious, so poisonous to the black spirit, then treat it like we would cyanide, and no one gets to use it. Don’t go near it.
But that’s not how it’s treated. Because I played a lot of basketball in my life, and that word was bandied about by the players on the court with abandon … even occasionally used by the black players. 

Oh wait, my bad, those were the only players who used it. “You my N-word.” “N-word please.” “Let’s go n*gga.”
But don’t act like it is so injurious. Like there is some chemical reaction that black + N-word is totally fine, but white + N-word is toxic poison.
And yes, I acknowledge the historical, horrific use of the word. And yes, I rarely use it amongst my black friends, even though I identify as black. Okay, I don’t use it … except this one time …

Back when I was playing daily with the same group of black guys, my nemesis Kay, who was black, who, to describe it it scientifically, made a bunch of bitch-ass foul calls, brings the ball up court and I strip him clean, and he of course yells “foul,” and I turn around, throw my arms up in the air, and yell “Nigga  please.”  

And the whole court goes completely silent. The air gets heavy, time stops. I turn to sprint away, and all of a sudden they all bust up in laughter and it’s all good. 

WHY? Because I knew those guys for months, because they knew based on the context that I didn’t mean mean it as a slur.
Or maybe they respected that I identified as black.
No, it’s the context, and that’s exactly what is missing from the Rogan clip, and this is an obvious attempt to cancel him and redistribute his audience amongst them, and that doesn’t sit well with me.
So, in support of Joe, knowing that he absolutely didn’t mean anything bad by it, I’ll publicly say, “Joe Rogan you my N*gga.” And I mean that in the best way possible. |

And my editor better not have bleeped that out.

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