How BlackRock Steals the American Dream from YOU

by | March 22, 2022

Now, imagine being a citizen of a completely corrupt dictatorial country, generally associated with being resource rich, especially oil

video: How BlackRock Steals the American Dream from YOU

Marry your sweetheart, earn some money, save it up for a down payment on the house with a white picket fence, raise a healthy family.
The American Dream used to be within reach for virtually any hard working, diligent individual. Today, that vision has grown more hazy, more distant, for the average American.
The dream of home ownership, dashed on Blackrock. 

Homeownership. It’s been the way that most Americans have not only built and stored wealth, but also sheltered their growing families. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks, literally, of society.
Just as most people treat a rental car more cavalierly than the one they are paying the note on, homeowners have an automatic stake in their neighborhood, in their society, in America.
For these and a myriad of other reasons, it’s socially beneficial for families to have ownership of their dwelling. 

And today, the price of housing has exploded, pushing it out of reach for an increasing number of people.
WHY is this? A couple of reasons. 

The first is monetary printing, which of course is another term for inflation, whose classical definition is too much money chasing too few goods.
Another accurate description is legalized counterfeiting, and since the Covid pandemic began, 40% of the dollars in circulation have been created. Out of thin air, POOF.
As the purchasing power of the savings slips away, the smart money pours into scarce assets, creating billion dollar valuation for Silicon Valley unicorns with all of zero sales revenue, premiums for stocks not seen since 2001, buying up bitcoin, artwork, and chasing property, leading to eye popping increase in housing prices. 

Now, imagine being a citizen of a completely corrupt dictatorial country, generally associated with being resource rich, especially oil, and your dictator, who is often compared to God, wants to keep those petrol dollars within the ruling class.
Your economic success is derived from being as loyal and as close to the inner governmental circle as possible, with merit having a greatly decreased coefficient in the wealth equation compared to Western democracies.
You are being paid, and attain power, for buying into the status quo and protecting the ruling class.
Now, that structure is funded and maintained by pulling dollars out of the ground whenever you want. Oil has been a printing press for those lucky enough to have it, and thus government becomes an industry around protecting access for the elite to this easy money. 

And here’s the good news/ bad news— American elites have it even easier.
Since World War II, the US dollar has been the defacto global store of value. Even today, as we print it faster than at any point in history, with uncertainty in the world, people are piling into the dollar, as other fiat currencies, be they the Russian Ruble, the Turkish Lira, or the Lebanese Pound, collapse.
The magical ability to print the reserve currency by adjusting the database at the Federal Reserve, is far more rapid and potent than Saudi Arabia drilling for oil. 

And like the corrupt country, there are entities that are close to the Fed’s cash spigot.
The smartest pigs know to be close to the trough at feeding time.
Blackstone, and offshoot lead by Larry Fink- Blackrock, are the biggest hogs on the farm.
Leveraging their connections on capitol hill, they’re loaned these funds at next to zero, while you’re borrowing at just below 4% at time of this videos shooting.
That’s right, Blackrock gets money injected into their accounts, via the Fed, with a mandate to “stabilize the housing market.”

That means that Blackrock, is gobbling up entire housing developments, paying in excess of 20% more than the current market rate, inflating housing pricing across the country, largely because they have a gigantic advantage— unlike you they pay almost no interest for the money they never had to raise or save.
Blackstone/ Blackrock are merely sucking off the teet of the Federal Reserve to their hearts content. Billions of dollars are being transferred via a ledger entry into their account, and they just use the free money and outbid you for the house that you have very limited funds to buy, and then offer to rent it out to you.

For this, do you blame Blackrock? Maybe for their lobbying efforts to make this corrupt practice possible, but the system that debases the currency and confers the benefits of doing so on the elite, while they send prices into the stratosphere demonstrates the rot and corruption that has entered into the American system.
Equally as bad, as Blackrock and Larry Fink gain more and more power over how this printed money is is distributed, and get to institute ESG scores, (Environmental, Social, and Governance) which is basically a threat not to share the money with other large companies unless they wokify.
Once again, with government interference and corruption, power is centralized, and the predictable results are less freedom for the average person, and new rules meant to keep the power structure in place. 

So yes, Blackrock and the power structure that enable it are a big part of the reason, along with the printing of money, that housing prices are rising out of reach and into the stratosphere. Manipulation of the market. Rocketing prices while your wages remain stagnant. Stake in society, fraying. Social cohesion, darkening, Antifa recruits. The American dream, dashed on Blackrock. 


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